It’s Choco-Orange Season!

It’s Choco-Orange Season!

When Adriano Zumbo’s lolly-bag cake made an appearance on Masterchef, I was intrigued. It was colorful and it boasted of a variety of flavors. It was also one of the trickiest and most complicated recipes I have ever come across. Naturally, the little chef in me was excited to try it out. However, after spending two weeks hunting for the ingredients in the city, I had to give up. Not

Haunted Hotels Around the World

We are programmed to receive. You can checkout anytime you like, But you can never leave! Does Hotel California by The Eagles send a shiver down your spine when you hear those words? Remember how Percy Jackson was stuck in a Hotel for 4 years and did not realize because time passed rapidly? The Shining – Haven’t you read/watched that book/movie and felt claustrophobic and terrified? What happens when there


     In this world we live in, we find differences or classification in everything we set our eyes on like the rich and the poor, the developing and the developed countries, normal and inferior goods etc. and between all these differences, we also have some related to food items namely vegetarian and non vegetarian. Believed by many, vegetarian cuisine is considered far better, healthy and nutritious than the non

Artificial Sweeteners: Sweet or Sour?

When renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor comes on TV, urging you to quit sugar and switch to Sugar Free, I’m sure it feels like a beacon of hope to those of you trying to watch your weight. You aren’t alone. With health associations the world over giving a nod, albeit cautiously, to the use of artificial sweeteners in place of sugar, diabetics and diet-conscious people the world over are turning to

Importance of a Balanced meal

Health is defined as the complete social physical and mental well being of a Human being, physical fitness being the most important one. Everyone agrees that to have good physical health several factors have to be taken care of from regular exercise to a well balanced meal. A common problem faced by the people today is obesity which is basically a medical ailment in which there is excess accumulation of

The World’s Food Festivals

Travelling is a stress-buster for many people. They cherish going to new places, meeting new people, knowing new cultures, listening to new languages and their nuances, and of course trying new and exotic cuisines. Eating while travelling is a high for most foodies but the chance to travel to eat is as irresistible as it can get. Food Festival is one such alluring event where we travel to an entirely

A Dinner at Kenyan Shore of Lake Victoria

Well, if you had expected this piece of writing to talk about the restaurants alongside the shore of Lake Victoria, then you might be getting wrong!! Kenya, one of the major hubs for tourism sport and wildlife safaris in Africa, is well known for its exotic culture and lifestyle. However it may turn out to one’s dismay to know that none of the restaurants in Kenya serve its traditional dishes.

Breaking the Myth: How to Make Indian Cooking Healthy

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Indian cooking? Hot, spicy, rich? Yet your taste buds respond to Indian food like nothing else. An Indian who can pass on a stack of ridiculously good Aloo Paranthas in favour of a Caesar salad would be difficult to come by. So what do you do? Shrug and accept the compromise on health as an inevitability

Famous Indian Desserts

It is a custom, or you might call it a tradition or an etiquette or whatever it may be, to finish a meal with a dessert. This is especially applicable if one is feasting at a wedding, or if one is having dinner at restaurant. If the dinner is at a friend’s or relative’s place, it is mandatory that a dessert be there as a part of the meal. Desserts

The Flavor of Marina

  The Marina beach in Chennai is one of the prime tourist destinations for anyone who visits Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. The beach boasts of a coastline which can rival any of the top beaches and is often called as the “World’s second longest beach”. The place is famous for its stone statues and people who visit Chennai never miss going to this beach. But for the