Beyond pizzas ,beyond sizzlers and yes way beyond every five star hotel’s food ,lies the PARANTHE WALI GALI in Chandni Chowk, Delhi.This city has a vast menu and a colossal buffet to satiate a foody’s taste buds,but one’s road to a finger licking dish is not complete in Delhi until and unless you venture into the scrumptious alley of Paranthas .

Every person that walks on the path of Chandni Chowk can easily point out the way to the Paranthe wali Gali.All you have to do is ask if your preferred way of exploring a new area is GPS rest assured that the Paranthe wali Gali offers a lot more than just paranthas. Your first step in there ,and you will see sweet shops and eateries lined up offering you the Desi way of treating your palate and name it and they have it.Gulab jamun ,Imarti,Jalebis ,Ras Gullas ,Mishti Doi ,Lassi, an unbelievable range of types of parathas ,whatever possible typical Delhi dish that you can name or think of is what will definitely make you hungrier than ever.
There is not just one eatery that will serve you a plate full of happiness but around dozens of such eateries ,situated in every nook and corner of that very place.

Beginning with the highlight of our foodie journey,that is ,parantha ,one would be absolutely amazed to see the types of paranthas available (even to an Indian ,let alone foreigners.!) .Well thought combinations of Paneer( Cottage cheese), Ghobi (cauliflower),Dal (pulses) ,mushroom ,Kashmiri,mirchi(chilly) and mix parantha are just a handful of the actual menu.These names are only the beginning of all things tasty.Enter any one eatery and you would see a framed photograph of some famous celebrity shaking hands with the cook.Guess we have no reason to doubt the taste and quality of any eatery.


Each of the available eatery is established since decades and is run by at least the third generation of the actual founder.At around 9’o clock in the morning you can visit this place throbbing with customers,the air a mix of orders being shouted out and the aroma of mouth watering food ,fresh pickle and chutney,topped off by the incense burning in a corner.
Having ordered your preferred choice of parantha,you will be served with a huge cabin plate filled with different types of pickles, syrups and chutneys .Aam(mango) pickle{sour and sweet} and chutney, nimbu (lemon) pickle{sour and sweet},hing ka achaar, Sonth ,mirchi(chilly) pickle etc are to name a few.
Within five to ten minutes ,the waiter arrives with the ordered parantha .Do not , at any cost be deceived or disappointed by the size of the parantha.not any bigger than a standard size quarter plate,it is well stuffed and cooked perfectly.regardless of its size,each bite melts into your mouth ,and even before you are able to finish half of that parantha,you will realize that it actually is quite filling.Not to forget the different varieties of appetizing raitas that they offer as well,along with plain,salted or sweet dahi.pwg
Adding to the titillating aspect of your taste-buds,here comes lassi. A glass full of pure ,creamy lassi,be it sweet salted or mix would do justice to every gulp that you take .Who thought that such a non complicated dairy beverage could do wonders to the tongue and tummy.
After gorging on all that yummy food,it is never too late to enjoy something sweet,speaking of which,one would immediately find oneself in an identical state of a child in Charlie’s chocolate factory.Yes ,the treats are that amazing.
The mere sight of hot ,soft,spongy gulab jamuns being made in chashni(sugar syrup),the flawless design of crisp,juicy jalebis and imartis,the cool fragrance of ras gullas,would make space in your stomach in a mere matter of takes a mere jiffy for each of these treats to envelope your taste-buds and catapult you to a savory sensation,that asks for more.For those who do not have Such a prominent sweet tooth can top there food with Bhalla Papdi and chaat,a place that serves you with the soft and crispy variety of all things that can be classified under the category of chaats and Gol Gappes.
You are going to return back home,stuffed like new year’s eve turkey ,happy, hail and hearty ,with a lingering taste of all that you ate.Never before would any memory of your’s had been as tasty as the one that you made in the Paranthe wali Gali.
It is obvious that not many of us enjoy the idea of street food and delicacies served by around the corner eateries,some of us might be sticklers for hygiene ,or simply that one might lack taste in desi food..Though it is worth the assurance and conviction,that one must visit the Paranthe wali gali ,at least once,and you are bound to be freed of any hesitation and hygiene issues that grasp your perspective otherwise.These eateries maintain good levels of hygiene,provide mineral water to drink and have freshly prepared stuffing .everything simmers,brews and cooks in plain sight.It is worth every penny that you spend and every step that you take.
So walk in to the paradise of Paranthas and numerous other street food items.