Currently there are lots of processed foods in the market and its consumption is increasing at an alarming rate. People are eating the processed foods without considering the fact they are actually very much harmful for their health. Processed foods are bad of the human body and it is also one of the major reasons why you are getting fat and often fall sick. Recently various surveys were conducted on the people who adopted the western countries influenced diets. These diets have large amount of processed food items in it. The results are quite shocking. The processed food affects the human health and it decreases the body’s ability to fight with the disease causing germs and bacteria. Isn’t it quite surprising? These food items were rolled out in the market so that in this fast paced life style you may easily get the foods that you love to eat. But people have now started to use it regularly and it is not at all good for the human body.


When the food items are treated chemically so that the essential nutrients and minerals level in it is maintained intact, it is called as the processed food. In order to achieve this goal artificial and refined ingredients are added to these food items which in turn have several side effects. There is a very major difference between the chemical processing and the mechanical processing of the food items. While it is beneficial to process foods mechanically, the chemically processed foods on the other hand are actually harmful for the health.


Usually the processed foods have high amount of the sugar content in it which is quite harmful for the human beings. The level of the sugar content in these food items is increased by adding the fructose corn syrups. The excessive intake of the sugar is very much harmful. There are chances that you may get diagnosed with the diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and obesity. Sugars have empty calories in it which are a rich source of energy but it is also true that it has major devastating effect on the human body. The level of the cholesterol inside the body increases. Moreover the fat accumulation in the abdominal cavity as well as the liver also increases with an alarming rate.


The researchers have termed the processed foods as the “Hyper Rewarding.” Once you start eating such food items you get addicted towards them and very often it lead to the overconsumption. Everybody loves to eat such food items which have excellent taste as it pleases our taste buds. So the processed food manufacturers have started to add several ingredients in it so that the foods can be made desirable and people can be attracted towards it. These processed foods are very much rewarding towards the brain and they eventually affect the normal behavior and thought process.


The major problem with the processed foods is that they are added with lots of artificial preservatives and ingredients. You as a normal human being do not pay much attention towards its ingredients and only pay attention towards the taste. These ingredients are not actual foods and are infact chemicals which have lots of negative impact on the human body. Generally the processed food items have colorants: so that specific color can be provided to them, flavorings agents: so that specific flavor can be provided to them, preservatives: to protect them from rotting and texturants: to provide them with specific texture. Apart from the above mentioned labels there are lot more additional chemicals in the food items and so it is not at all safe to have its consumption.


Carbohydrate is very much useful for maintaining good health. You are often recommended to eat those food items which offer high carbohydrates. The carbohydrates obtained from the whole foods are very much beneficial. But the processed food items have refined carbohydrates in them and this infact makes your health deteriorate. The refined carbohydrate gets broken up quickly which results into the sudden rise of the insulin level in blood. The blood sugar also increases. Later on when the level of the blood sugar goes down, people experience the carb craving. This roller coaster ride of the insulin and blood sugar level has several negative impacts and it leads to various chronic diseases.


When you make a comparison between the unprocessed food and the processed foods, the former one is more equipped with essential nutrients which are beneficial for the human body. During the processing the essential nutrients present in the food gets lost and to compensate for the loss synthetic minerals and vitamins are added. This replacement is not at all wise and it affects your health. The only way you can guarantee the adequate supply of essential vitamins and minerals is by eating the unprocessed foods as they do not have any added chemicals and are completely natural. These processed foods are not good for the human body and you should eliminate it completely from your life.