One visit to America and a foodie who has grown with likes of Noddy and FRIENDS and Big Bang theory, reaches the seventh heaven itself. Having all the preparations one see in sitcoms and cartoons come to life is a different experience all together and here I share with you the what and how of my tummies journey through four states. This list is not exhaustive or innovative per say, it is a documentation of a fabulus time with locally loved dishes. the ones who have visited the Sates my relive the experiences and others my drool with jealousy , nonetheless all are welcome on this tummy train down the memory lane. I have compiled few of the restaurants I visited, the road side stalls and the local food which one cant possibly miss !

It has to start with Starbucks !


When you are a coffee lover, it has to be one of the must places to visit. The Italian roast became a personal favorite and the caramel latte was a close second. Classic Cappuccino couldn’t be beaten and hence remained the go to drink. the ambiance, the air impregnated with freshly ground coffee certainly gave me a high. The pumpkin cake was delectable and didn’t hurt my motto to remain as unhealthy as possible. The very first hour in USA began with Starbucks and ended with it. Its a tradition I mean to follow for ever.




Believe it or not, the cheese and meat gets on your nerves after a point of time. It is the Indian taste buds which demande something close to home and here the Mexican dishes come to mind. We happened to visit a Tex-mes chain by the name of Chuys. It has superb enchiladas ( the real version ), nachos and platters and patters of Mexican food with beans and rice and Guacamole. The salsa sauce strikes it home. the unique part is the ceiling has the outer plate of tyres hanging all over. The rustic feel of it is far from sophistication. Something that just relaxes you.

Frozen Yogurt.


With the frozen yogurt being an elusive dish in India past couple years, this was the first experience and probably one of the funnest ones. The whole store have every imaginable flavous from basic strawberry, apple chocolate to mangoes and bubble-gums ! the add ones were varied. Nuts, cookies , marshmallows, Oreo, jams, gummie bears  and what nots. Nonetheless my cup of yogurt was overflowing and it was delicious ( took me entire day to finish it ! first time greed.)

Olive garden. 


Its not always about the five star rating, it is more about tradition and olive garden has mastered it. The service and the feel of the place is amazing as is the food. 5 cheese ziti, mozzarella sticks and of course the salad and bread sticks. It is Italian american cuisine and is one of the popular places to visit.  It is said that the taste is maintained rigidly across all the chains ( 818 of them).


Churro blog post7

This one may not feature in every snack one has in USA but given my extraordinary luck, i had this once and that is  hard luck for i still want just one more bite of it. It is a fried dough pastry which has cinnamon-y taste to it. It is long strips as seen i the pic or it may be knotted as well. Technically eaten for breakfast with hot chocolate, we had this on the go in DisneyWorld. They are easy to miss but I strongly advice you to have it once!

Cheese Burger /Hot-dogs/Gyro


The trip has to have the famous cheese burger and hot-dog right from the stalls on the street of New York. The fun and the thrill is unbelievable although the taste of burger is unusual and one needs to get used to it to really apriciate it. The hot dog on the other hand is delicious and yes the mustard sauce does make it interesting. Gyro is a roasted meat sandwhich which is greek dish sold widely in NYC. Head to Rockefeller center and sample the locals.

Mac Donalds/ Subway 


Now if the two brands need an introduction, then you are reading the wrong blog my friend. The global chains are must visits here giving you a peak into the source of it all. For eye-openers, the spiciest of the burgers in USA is edible for the spice-loving indian palatte, so be careful with the order. The subway is a different story for they make it as you want , rigt in front of you. so load up on the chillis and flavours to get a facinating mix of taste. The difference is they have chips and soda ( cold drinks ) as a must with subways. The Mac-Ds have unlimited refill for soda or whatever drink you choose. Nice deal , right!



America runs on dunkin and it is true! Step out of the subway in NYC and pick a corner to observe. The game is simple for you will easily see those pink and orange  marked cups screaming that America indeed runs on them. Needless to say the donuts are amazing as is the coffee. The fight for the chocolate donuts with my cousins is a story for another blog.

Cheese Pizza. 


This was among the best ones and it was perhaps the simplest of my demands. a simple cheese decked pizza which strung and stretched and tasted heavenly. stop at whatever tiny eatry in any city you visit and ask for a cheese pizza. it will look something like the picture. Simple and delicious.

Though the dishes don’t end here, the list has to end. Hope you enjoyed the read and are not reaching out for some munchies now!