Cooking is a lovely, satisfying, stress busting task. But when it becomes a duty, it seems exhaustive rather than recreation from exhaustion. And all the homemakers, wives, and people who have to make food everyday three times, will agree with me. No matter how much you love cooking, there will be a time, when you’ll start getting sick or bored of this 3-times-a-day duty.

In every household, the person who has to cook everyday has a secret dream that every meal’s food should magically appear, specially the working people. This is because cooking is not what everybody wants to do after a tiring day at work, and making dinners by starting from a scratch seems a daunting task specially to these people. Well, people like them, now have an advantage because of the evolving cooking techniques and skills.

Today we can find many instant food materials that can be substituted in the place of items that involve tedious cooking. But these instant options have many preservatives and therefore are meant to be occasionally used.

But again, the food industry has come to our rescue. We now have a bunch of instant foods that are healthy and get ready in over 15-30 minutes. For the people who are not aware of these foods, here’s a list of foods that can be quickly cooked and are high on the health quotient as well.


white instant rice           brown instant rice


Instant rice:

Rice, specially brown rice, is a healthy and versatile grain that is a delicious ingredient in stir fries, soups and rice puddings. You can save a lot of time with this instant rice, as it takes quarter of the time taken to make regular rice. Therefore, it is a great way to get this grain in your meals.





Eggs are protein rich foods and one of those foods that take very less time to cook, be it scrambled, fried, baked or poached.. The best thing about eggs are that all these types are delicious to eat and can take up any combination of flavors that you wish to add. Thus, these re a great alternative as a meal.




Frozen corn:

Frozen corn is just as nutritious and tasty as fresh corn, and is way more convenient to eat than the fresh corn. They can be added into soups, salads, fries, sandwiches with great ease and this saves tons of time; as unlike fresh corn, they don’t have to be plucked from fresh kernels.


fresh pasta



Fresh pasta:

If you are from a regular pasta eating family, then fresh pasta is surely a boon for you to have as a meal, specially dinner. Dried pasta cooks quickly, but fresh pasta takes half the time as compared to dried pasta. Fresh pasta, like ravioli, comes in more varieties than dried pasta and also comes with tasty cheese and meatball fillings, which can bring a tasty change to the regular pasta meal. It can also be used n combination with soup, as a quick cooking ingredient.





Quinoa is an awesome ingredient for people in a hurry. It cooks in minutes in boiling water, comes in many colorful varieties, and tastes just great with meat, veggies and seasonings. Plus, it is rich in proteins and nutrients, which doesn’t make you worry about the health factor.



canned tomatoes


Canned tomatoes:

Canned tomatoes are an essential ingredient in pastas, soups, stews, chilies and sauces. The best thing about them is that they become a dish in no time, and save you from the extra work of peeling, seeding, dicing, or chopping or simmering them.


pie crust


Refrigerated pie crust :

Refrigerated pie, is incredibly easy to work with as it is pre-made. It is very convenient to use for sweet recipes. If you want to whip up a quick dessert or make a tart or a pot pie, the time needed is just the time that is used up in baking the dish, that is 15-20 minutes, and your dish is ready.



bulgur wheat

Bulgur wheat:

Bulgur wheat is a grain salad that is not only a great option to use as a side dish with meat, fish or chicken, but is hearty enough to be a tasty vegetarian dish, all on its own. It makes a fluffy or filling base, because it is parboiled before being dried and packaged for sale. And therefore, it takes only 10-15 minutes to cook and is surely a tasty treat.


Thus, these are some quick ingredients that are not only healthy, but take very less time to cook, so that you can have a fun relaxing and easy meal with family. Using these at home will never get you bored or sick of cooking. And these ingredients are so healthy that you do not have to worry about preservatives and artificial flavors.



So, this should definitely be your pick if you plan to have a tasty, filling healthy, and at the same time, a quickly prepared meal on the dining table and to make your cooking fun.