Red meat is certainly one food item which has created a lot of controversies and people are divided on the basis of their opinions id it sis good or bad for the health. When the red meat is raw, it is of red color and moreover its color does not change to white after it is cooked. There had been many reports lately suggesting that red meat is not good for the human health and so people should immediately stop eating it. These reports have been prepared on the basis of observational studies.  Almost all the meat which is obtained from the body of mammals is red meat as they have a high concentration of myoglobin in it. The red meat lovers are in dilemma that whether they should eat their favorite food or skip it for the sake of their health. Some people have claimed that these reports are not correct and if you eat unprocessed i.e. the fresh raw meat then there is no harm. You just have to pay attention towards the fat content and the preparation of the dishes made out of red meat as it is the best way you can stay protected and enjoy your favorite food. The processed red meats are the ones which undergo various processes such as the smoking, adding preservatives etc. after it is obtained from the animal’s body. Here we are discussing if the red meat is actually bad for the health or it is just a myth that people have.


Talking about the red meat it is a wonderful source of many essential nutrients and minerals which the human body needs. It is in fact the most nutritious food which is available. If you measure 100 grams of red meat, it will have the following minerals and nutrients in it. Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), Vitamin D, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Phosphorus, Iron (12 % of RDA), Zinc (32 % of RDA), Selenium (24 % of RDA), Creatine, Riboflavin, Thiamin and Lipoic acid. It also has the high calories and about 10 grams of fats in it. Those people who are vegetarians are deprived of certain nutrients such as Carnosine and Creatine. Red meat is a rich source of both these proteins which is essential for the timely development of human body. Red meat also increases the hemoglobin count in the blood and also helps in building and repairing of the muscles. The meat obtained from the body of the chickens, pigs and rabbits are actually white meat and it is also completely safe to eat.


There has been so many research conducted to verify if the red meat actually causes the so called cardiovascular diseases and diabetes which results into the death of the person. And every research has given us the report that these are just a myth and there is no evidence which can support these claims. But the catch here is that you should eat only those red meats which are unprocessed one. The processed red meats are unhealthy and they can therefore lead to you all these diseases. You have to clearly understand the distinction between the two and choose accordingly.


Another myth that people generally have is that red meat is one such food items whose consumption can increase the chances of cancer in the body. Generally people relate colorectal cancer with the red meat which is one of the most common cancers in today’s time. Although the careful studies conducted by the experts suggests that there is weak link between these two but since there is not enough evidence as the studies which have been conducted so far are the observational ones and so they cannot say that eating red meat will cause you colorectal cancer and this is actually a myth that people generally have.


Now for those people who love to eat red meat we hereby recommend that when you prepare any red meat dish, cook it at moderate temperature. The high temperature cooking can lead to the formation of the harmful compounds such as AGE, HA and PAH. These compounds can then harm your health. Any food item if cooked at high temperature will lead to the formation of these compounds in it. So go for the options such as the steaming and stewing. Further if you want to cook gravy dishes with red meat then first marinate it with the garlic or olive oil or red wine as this will reduce the formation of the HCA to a larger extent. When you start cooking, make sure that the meat is not overcooked and none of the pieces are burnt because of it. The burnt pieces must be thrown away. All these methods that have been mentioned here are for precautions. So eat unprocessed red meat by cooking it gently and make sure that they are not charred. Red meat is actually very healthy and if you are eating it frequently then I bet you will have a healthier body.