Today we have so many South Indian food serving restaurants in different parts of the country, but none is more popular than Sankalp. The success story of this Indian restaurant is really incredible. The style and broad range of dishes present in the menu of this restaurant is nonpareil. One of the main reasons of their popularity is the presence of the innovative food items in their menu. The experts call this restaurant chain as the perfect combination of the western and the south culture. This first restaurant of this amazing Indian restaurant chain was opened in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in the year 1981 under the reigns of the veteran businessman Mr. Kailash Goenka. He had a dream to spread the delicious South Indian cuisine to every corner of the country and after about 33 years since its first flagship restaurant was opened one can proudly say that Sankalp is one of the India’s best restaurants. They have the vision not to compromise on the quality, service and the hygiene while continuing to satisfy the customers with delicious foods.


Currently there are more than 110 restaurants under this group spread over each and every corner of the country. Its popularity can be determined by the fact that this group has also opened its franchise in other countries such as Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and United Arab Emirates. They further have plans for their expansion. Under the flags of the Sankalp Group other than the Sankalp restaurant which offers the south Indian cuisines, they also have Saffron restaurant which offers North Indian food items prepared in the Gujarati style. The foods served in the Saffron restaurant are simply amazing as they have a completely different taste and are very much innovative. Moreover, the Sam’s Pizza outlet which specializes in offering delicious salads, pizzas, breads and soups is also the part of this Sankalp group. With the Sam’s Pizza this group has tried to enter into the world of western food culture and here too they have managed to build a satisfied customer base. The latest initiative of this group is Sankalp Xpress, a fast food restaurant which specializes in Indian-Western fusion foods.


The immense success of Sankalp south Indian food serving restaurant chain is only because of their commitment, dedications and the high quality of food which is served here. They believe that the satisfaction of the customer is the top notch priority. One can be sure of experiencing a wonderful dining experience once they enter into the premises of Sankalp restaurant and this has helped them to build very strong consumer bases who visit this restaurant regularly. Sankalp is among the few Indian restaurants who have managed to inculcate the much desired loyalty among the food lovers. A person always returns satisfied with the food and the service provided in this restaurant. One of the best times for visiting the Sankalp restaurant is during various South Indian food festivals which are celebrated here.


The USP of this restaurant is the ambience and the service provided to the customer. You will feel as if you have entered into the South Indian states and will be treated royally according to their cultures and traditions. The foods will be served to you in a royal manner and you will surely be delighted with the experience. The culinary preparation of this restaurant is truly authentic. Some of the most famous dishes of this restaurant are Kura Mura Dosa, Rava Dosa, Idli, Telangana Dosa, Kaikari Biryani, Three Barrel Dosa, Iddiaappam, Cheese Uttampam, Spring Dosa and many more. All these food items are delicious and exquisite. You will surely have craving for them in future.The interior of the Sankalp restaurants is well designed which gives you the perfect ambience. Further, the waiters are well dressed and are always ready to help you in selecting the best dish as per your choice. The service in each of the Sankalp restaurant is top notch and impeccable. It makes you visit this place again. This makes Sankalp a top rated place for the south Indian food and so each time people are craving for such food items, Sankalp is the first name which pops up in their mind.


The chutneys and Sāmbhar prepared in the Sankalp restaurant have amazing taste. They are prepared with so much perfection that people love them. If you are not much of a fan of the South Indians cuisines, then you must pay a visit to this restaurant and I assure you that the tempting foods served here will surely change your opinion. For a family outing, Sankalp is the best place to visit. The Sankalp restaurant got its name registered in the Guinness Book of World Records twice for preparing the world longest Dosa. I guess this is enough for you to get impressed by the dedication of this restaurant towards the South Indian food. Once you finish your meal, you will be served with Meetha pan which surely makes your visit even more pleasing and rewarding.