Cheese… Who doesn’t crave it ? Its yum, its wow! Unfortunately, this calorie thing destroys it all, making us think whether or not to answer our craving. Sad, no? But guys, cheese is attached with so many good facts also. Yes, you heard it right. I think the only caution is to be moderate with consumption, I don’t think there is need to abandon it for the purpose of dieting. Eat in moderation. And enjoy the taste. Why stop!!! I know, there is something about cheese that in one form or other, the presence of cheese makes it presence felt- be it as it is, or on crackers, in bake or a cake, with pasta, or as a fondue. Cheese is included in so many different recipes and makes almost every dish tastes so much better than ever and that is what makes it so attractive.
The knowledge of gourmet cheeses are readily available and is steadily expanding. Specialty cheeses, especially are a highly value product. They are different because of their processing styles, supply, milk source and extraordinary packaging, also having high quality standard which makes it unique. Some of the leading specialty cheeses are goat’s cheese or organic cheese. Cheese is a protein-rich meal. The idea is not to eat more but to eat better. Mainly, there are three type of cheese:– soft, medium and hard. Several factors determine the dynamics of cheese making; these include ingredients and duration of ripening which could be anywhere from a few weeks to months or years. Cheddar and Parmesan are the most expensive. The varieties of cheese are abundant. From cheese with herbs and peppers, to smoked cheese and marbled cheese, cheese mellowed in wines, oils and vinegars, one is really spoilt for choice!
“Here’s great quote about cheese: A cheese may disappoint, it may be dull, it may be naïve, it may be over sophisticated. Yet, it remains, cheese, milk’s leap towards immortality.” – Clifton Fadima
Cheese is good for you and your health. Hand made or traditionally made cheese are more beneficial instead of processed cheese. Ofcourse, you always want to eat fatty food like cheese, but it is nice to know that eating this tasteful thing can be actually good for you. Delighted, no? Here’ how it is with the list of some benefits of this protein rich food;
Cheese is great for your teeth: As cheese has very high calcium content, and teeth needs calcium to be good, strong and healthy. The Consumption of cheese reduces plaque and stimulates saliva which helps to keep mouth clean. It has lower lactose content and that is also the reason that it maintains strong teeth as any sugar(lactose, glucose, maltose) can harm teeth. So, cheese can be first and foremost thing for dental care.

Cheese takes care of Bone health: Apart from having high calcium content, it is also rich in high Vitamin B , which is good for children, women (particularly when pregnant) and elderly people, for the formation and strengthening of bones. The vitamin B in cheese enhances the absorption and distribution of calcium in body.

Cheese induces Weight Gain: Yes, I know, people don’t want that, But for those who are underweight and malnutritioned, it can be the key ingredient in their diet to gain more weight and to have more energy. It is full of vitamins, minerals, fats, calcium and most of the body processes are improved by its eating. One just needs to eat a lot of cheese , do exercises and sleep an adequate amount.
Cheese is Energy Booster : Full Fat cheese are very calorie-densed and can serve as a full form of energy and can bombard you with energy . Alternatively, eating reduced fat cheese will give you some mouth satisfaction as eating the regular cheese can be useful snack for to keep you from weaving off your healthy eating plan.
Cheese contain Vitamins, Minerals, healthy bacteria : Most cheeses are very high in vitamins and minerals. You’ll get appropriate amounts of phosphorus, iodine. Magnesium, zinc from eating cheese as well as boosting your intake of vitamins B-2, B-12, A and D. Additionally, many cheese will improve the profile of your gut bacteria, which aid in healthy digestion, metabolism, circulation.
Cheese is good for skin and migraine: As cheese contains Vitamin B, it is excellent for skin health. It helps in maintaining good, glowing, healthy and supple skin. Also, it is helpful to cure migraine headaches as it is rich in calcium and calcium intake reduces the problem of migraine. So, now you can think of including cheese in your diet.

After all this nourishing virtue of cheese who don’t want to try it. So, Next time you go shopping in your grocery store, don’t be anxious while picking cheese from gourmet. If you love cheese, by no reasons you should condemn, rather jump on and eat but yes, moderation is important. Afterall, Excess is bad of everything.

Eat it good, Eat for good, but don’t forget to say it with big smile – CHEEEEEEEEESE ! yeah! that’s the better way. Perfect!

Simply, as I say. Good eats, Good life. Say Cheese and love cheese.i_love_cheese_icon_postcards-r6eb783216bc9409cad12454d4ffea7c4_vgbaq_8byvr_324