They are yellow, long, soft, and squishy and they taste good when they are at their best stage of ripening. Bananas have been known to man for a very long time and they form a very important part in our lives. They are so common that, when a person thinks of a fruit, the chances of him/her choosing a banana is almost equivalent to that of an apple. They have been painted by artists and have become one of their greatest masterpieces and sold at auctions to the highest bidder.  With just their sunny yellow color, they have sent people to a whimsy. They have even been animated and shown in cartoons; making people to slip and fall down.



They are an integral part of diet plans and in the food hierarchy. However, in all these various representations of the banana, they have been shown only as ‘the perfectly ripened fruit’. The over-ripe bananas have simply been thought to be over the hill and are thrown away for the only reason that they become too squishy and mushy when they over-ripe.

When they ripen, the starch inside them turns to sugar, thus making them sweeter and their water content, mixed with the sticky sugar, oozes out covering its brown-spotted outer layer, making them sticky. This naturally causes a feeling of disgust amongst all of us and so, we finally end up ignoring it.

But, not many know that there are quite a lot of delicious recipes and foods that can be made when a banana reaches its height of ripening.

A New Year recipe!

Just like how all good things start from a New Year, this recipe is usually chosen by people wishing to welcome the New Year on a sweet and a healthy note. For those who have sworn to hit the gym at the start of the year and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this recipe is especially for them, irrespective of whether they follow their promise or not.

All one needs is a few over-ripe bananas, peanut butter and if required, sugar. This is very simple and can be prepared in a few minutes though its taste lingers really long at the back of the mouth. The ripened flesh (or pulp) of the bananas are neatly cut and kept aside. Layers of the banana are later used to sandwich the tastier part in the middle.


However, not all bananas are cut. A few, depending on the needs of an individual, are put in a bowl and mashed, to give a fine, thick pulp. Very small amounts of water may be added to make the pulp smoother and to give it a sweeter taste. Peanut butter and sugar (if required) are then mixed at this stage. The entire content is mixed thoroughly to give it a smoother and richer texture.

Addition flavoring may be added in the form of fine coconut shavings sprinkled on top along with a dollop of honey if required. The finished product may be kept in the refrigerator for some time and served cold.

A deep fried recipe

Cooking is all about making something amazing from almost nothing. It’s all about changing the nature of the particular food article and bringing out something, though related to it, but much tastier than the original.

The required quantity of oil is poured into a big vessel and is heated. Add required quantity of sugar to the hot oil.  After a minute or so, add freshly cut ripened banana slices to the hot oil and sauté for a few minutes until they turn golden brown. Continue the process until they turn into a deeper brown. This recipe definitely satisfies those who love crackers, chips or anything that’s fried. They make an excellent evening snack and are simply irresistible.

Banana, oat ‘n’ honey

This one definitely tops the cart when it comes to those who wish to have a proper breakfast. For many, breakfast has become a monotonous, tasteless affair. Why not change it to the better?

This recipe is a quickie and, saves one from having to spend their time in the kitchen preparing something that would satisfy our hunger. This banana smoothie not only satisfies our hunger, it also energizes us, while providing the body with the required nutrients. Thus, it is a perfect way to jumpstart one’s day.


All one needs is a few ripened bananas, fruits (figs are preferable), honey (or sugar) and maybe a few nuts, like almonds, cut in small pieces and about a litre or two of milk. Everything is put in a blender and mixed till the contents are properly and perfectly mixed. The resulting product should be smooth and should not contain too many large pieces of bananas or figs. At the end, it is poured into a glass and cut almond pieces are added. They may be served cold as smoothies taste best when served cold. And there you have it, a healthy, yet tasty breakfast.

A perfect dessert

Who would have thought that bananas can be used to make one of the tastiest ice-creams? Put peeled bananas into the freezer for some time. Take them out and blend them till they become chunky. Now, vanilla essence is added to it and it is blended again to get a smooth mixture. There you have it! A natural, vanilla-banana cream!

Also, they can also be made into popsicles. But for this, the banana paste is made a bit runny. Then, it is put into a suitable vessel whose shape the Popsicle will take. An ice-cream stick is inserted into this vessel and it is carefully kept in the freezer. After sometime, the pulp hardens around the stick and it can easily be popped out. Nuts can also be added to the runny mixture, before freezing it. For this recipe, almost any flavoring can be used depending on the individual’s taste. Cocoa powder can be added to get a Chocó-banana ice-cream or ripe pineapple essence is mixed before freezing it to get a naturally sweet taste. This recipe though, is definitely for those with a sweet tooth and a craving for banana products.

Thus, even over-ripe bananas can be used resourcefully and who would have thought that they so many delicious recipes can be made from them. It is indeed, not much of a surprise that bananas have become a part and parcel of everyone’s lives.