Who wants to get old? The answer is no one. Although in reality aging is unavoidable. But we can certainly lower down the rate of ageing. With age our body performs less efficiently and we become vulnerable to age associated ailments. But aging with elegance is in our hands. The manner in which we lead our lives control our aging.  The damaging results of aging can be reduced by the intake of certain food items. These foodstuffs would not put a halt to the aging process but your health and strength will be improved. Even though there are many different kinds of anti-aging cosmetics available in the marketplace but directly consumption of these food items proves to be a better option as they benefit the body thoroughly.  Nutrition has the chief responsibility in restraining the aging procedure. There are many such food items that diminish the symptoms of aging and some of them are listed below. Hence consume them and stay healthy.



Everyone enjoys eating berries. Each and every kind of berry is filled with antioxidants that stimulates the health of the cell and provides defense against infections. The darker berry contains the maximum amount of antioxidants and thus delivers the best anti-aging advantages. Berries are loaded with vitamin C which provides major benefits to the skin. The tissues in the body are greatly repaired with the support of vitamin C.


ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

Avocado has major anti-aging properties. It is loaded with vitamin E and many antioxidants. It also contains some amount of potassium. These antioxidants are highly skin defensive in nature and hence provide radiance to the skin. Along with that folate is also present in avocado that is responsible for the restoration of cells in the skin. So eat avocado to possess radiant and glowing skin along with glossy hair.



Like berries and avocados, nuts are also regarded as very beneficial for the body. Nuts are highly loaded with protein and healthy fats. Omega-3 fatty acids are present in nuts which are considered to be extremely valuable for the health and skin. A kind of nut, almonds are rich in vitamin E which is very helpful in preventing the cellular impairment. Nuts are packed up with components that relieve irritation and swelling.  So next time if you are starving eat some nuts instead of chips as nuts provide so many health benefits without increasing the calories.



Tomatoes are usually present in our kitchens as they contribute in almost every dish we prepare. These tomatoes are rich in vitamin C that helps in the development of collagen. Consequently the skin becomes stronger and chubbier. Another very important antioxidant which is present in a tomato is lycopene. Lycopene is found to defend the skin from UV harm and helps in maintaining the surface of the skin. If you start eating tomatoes daily the result will be visible on your face in the form of shine and glow.



If you eat like eating sugary foods then honey is one of the finest options for you. Honey is considered to be very useful for the skin and many people are in habit of applying honey as a face pack. Moreover inflammation is not triggered in the body with the consumption of honey. It is one of the greatest antioxidant.

Dark Chocolate:

dark chocolate

As we all know that contact to UV radiations is harmful and it makes our skin get older. Chocolates are prepared using cocoa beans which are highly rich in flavanols, an antioxidant. This antioxidant diminishes the irritation and redness caused on the skin as a result of ultraviolet radiations. In addition to that the consumption of dark chocolate enhances the circulation in the skin. As a result the skin keeps the hold of moistness and subsequently the wrinkles fade away.



To cope with dry skin it is advised to consume food items which provide healthy fats to our body. Such food items like fish nourish and cleanse our skin. Fishes are packed with omega-3 fatty acid which battle against the inflammation and provide protection from heart related ailments. Fishes like salmon are remarkable for our skin.



Vegetables are super foods which apart from providing so many health benefits also slower down the rate of aging. Especially green vegetables like spinach are highly rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from harmful UV radiations. Along with that vegetables are also filled with vitamins as well as minerals which enhances the immunity of the body.



One more major anti-aging food is garlic. Garlic is considered as a nourishing and tasty food which is consumed directly or through various dishes. It diminishes the inflammation on the skin, lower down the level of cholesterol and preserves the cellular health. It is a great anti-bacterial food item which advances the immunity naturally. Hence make sure you eat garlic to fight against the ageing process.