Bread is one such food item which we extensively use in our daily life. It is prepared by mixing flour with water. The mixture obtained is then baked. If you will look at the history of the bread you will find its existence in almost every civilization. People find bread as the easiest food option available in front of them, so whenever they feel hungry, they eat the dishes made using them. But most of the people are not aware that the white bread consumption affects the human health in many ways. It simply means that bread isn’t healthy at all and you should start avoiding bread instantly. Many research conducted on this topic have yielded the same result. It is so recommended by the dietitians to stop eating bread and instead go for other food items which are available. We will hereby give you some of the adverse effect which bread can cause on the human health.


Bread is a rich source of the protein named as Gluten which has the properties found in glue and it is responsible for the viscoelastic properties of the dough. It has been proved in various research conducted worldwide that those people who regularly eat bread have the excess amount of Gluten in their body. This in turn seriously damages the digestive tract which results in lots of pain, tiredness and inconsistency in stool. The Gluten also causes disorder in brain and people get affected by the cerebellar ataxia disease. So you should stop eating bread and go for other options that are available.


People believe that bread is made using grains and is healthy for the body but they are not aware that it is not made using actual whole grains. They are made using grains which have been pulverized so as to get fine flour. Because of this process the breads gets digested easily and moreover the starch present in the bread also breaks down and so they enter as glucose into the bloodstream. This results into the steep rise of the insulin and blood sugar which is not at all good for human body. Again when the blood sugar level comes down we feel hungry. That is why people who are dieting and those who are affected with the blood sugar disease should avoid it instantly. Moreover if the blood sugar level is above the permitted value, it results into the formation of glycation and it is one such component which results into aging.


Bread is deprived of any sort of nutrients which is beneficial for the human body. Bread contains fructose which if present in access amount affects the health. This is proved worldwide that bread has sugar in it which is not at all healthy. They also have phytic acid in it which is generally known as the anti-nutrient. This phytic acid if present in the body makes the minerals required by the human body for growth and development to get stick to each other and so they do not get absorbed. The human body produces two types of cholesterol. While one is bad for the human health, other one is actually good and its presence is required. If you are a regular bread consumer then it is likely that the LDL cholesterol of the body will increase by 60 % which is quite a big figure and for your information LDL cholesterol is in fact the bad cholesterol which we have in our body. So it makes you prone to the different diseases such as the heath and lung diseases.


In all the bottom line is bread is not at all good for you as it is not at all nutritious. If we compare bread with other food items which are easily available to us, bread lie below them in terms of essential nutrition and minerals that they provide. Since the acid formed due to the bread consumption damages the intestinal lining, the absorption of the minerals and nutrients is not carried on by the human body and consequently its deficiency causes various diseases.


While this may be a bad news for all those people who love to eat bread or the dishes made using breads, it is for their own safety and healthy body that we hereby ask them to stop eating bread. It is not that you should completely eliminate it from your diet but then the frequency with which you eat bread and bread products must be decreased. So the next time you feel like eating bread, just remember that it will not only affect the functioning of your digestive system but will also not allow you to lose weight. We have given enough evidence which clearly states the adverse effects the human body. Other than bread there are various food items which are available and if you will eat those then you will certainly have a healthy body. So go for those and stop eating bread. Stay healthy.