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The Indian Dhabas

In simple terms Dhabas is the title given to roadside restaurants in India. These restaurants are found in highways and other remote regions. The main idea for the opening of these restaurants was to feed travelers and truckers who travel from one region to another to transport goods. In olden days Dhabas were a source of refreshment as they provided a home like ambience combined with tasty food and drinks.

Chor Bizarre: A treasure house of taste

Sitting on one of the much sought after seats,after a tough fight through reservations made for it,you finally enter the secret coven of lost treasures and looted valuables.With each plate different from that of the other person sitting right next to you ,the cutlery unique,mismatched glasses,and a display case filled with all sorts of “stolen” goods,you have finally found a place at the Chor Bizarre restaurant,M.G Road ,Gurgaon. This amusing,mismatched