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The End of Good Folk: “Bihu Somrat” passes away to cheers of joy

  When I heard the news the first time, I was moved to tears. To everyone around me, it meant nothing. On June 13th, a person by the name of Mr. Khagen Mahanta passed away after months of battling an illness. To those unfamiliar with his life and field of work, he may be better known as Bollywood singer Papon’s father. Nothing can make a man prouder than the moment

Assam House Delicacy:Home away from Home

In the Fast Food lane we all have our certain set of experiments,hit and trials,favorites and the ‘do not order’ list,but somewhere down the line we have always longed for food that reminds us of home,if not exactly like our much loved ‘ghar ka khana’.In search of such food ,my friend and I set out towards our destination at Race Course,Assam House Delicacy.The Assam Bhavan harbors this really humble eatery