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AMLA has it all…

The well known fruit Amla is something that can be considered as a food for fitness. It is a powerhouse of Vitamin C and many other nutrients. The benefits of amla can never be undermined and are always well recognized by its sour, succulent taste and vibrant green colour. Indian Gooseberry, being English name of amla and Phyllanthus emblica being scientific name, this fruit has many versatile uses in Indian

Utterly, Butterly, flavourly…Butter!

People, simply love it. The Butter. It is rich, creamy, lush and appetizing; making everything soft and mouth-watering. This exquisite thing, called Butter is just lovely and elegant. You can put it on anything, solid or melted and taste miraculously improves just by the little addition of it. In Indian culture, it has gained so much popularity because Lord Krishna loves it so much and the Janamashtami festival reminds us

Worried About Hair Falls! Try These Foods

Hair loss is a major concern these days. What we apply on our locks is not the only thing that leads to strong and healthy hairs. The perfect balanced diet also plays a significant role in this matter. Similar to each and every other bit of the body, the strong hairs can be determined by the nutritious diet.  When our body is disadvantaged from the necessary nutrients then our body

Flax seeds are Nutrition Superstar!

The flat, oval, glossy and pointed at one end are FLAX SEEDS, quite popular in vegetarian diets. These have versatile uses and they are kind of food that can be added to almost anything. They are like the baseline of our healthy body and food. Though they have been known to world from thousand years, but with its increasing popularity, flax seeds are in the spotlight for its number of

Wonderful Soy milk!

Something that can prove to be the best alternative for milk is SOY MILK. It is rich, nutritious and very healthy drink. Soy milk has become so famous because of its high quality proteins and anti oxidative qualities. Most of the people drink this milk because of the added health benefits attached to it. As being lactose free, it is primarily used by lactose intolerant persons. It may lack in

Go Healthy with these Superfoods!

Superfoods, as the name says are super-awesome in their own way. They are super healthy, super awesome… SUPERFOODS. Superfoods are something that are nutrient dense and scarce in calories. They are special category of foods found in nature have all the health benefits and richness of nutrients which our body needs but cannot make those nutrients itself. They possess goodness of all the essential nutrients and antioxidants, which our body

Foods that can actually kill you

We have several food items in the market which people believe are very healthy and essential for the human body. But there are not aware that these food items can cause serious damage to their body. The result of which can even lead to death of the person. You must be aware of the side effects of such food items so that you can stay protected. Here we are mentioning

So you love Coffee?!

  Do you think yourself as a coffee freak who just feels refreshed only after having that cup of hot coffee? Don’t worry, as your love for coffee is not in vain, rather it has some good things to offer. Go on, and discover the reasons why having that refreshment cup is good for you and you can continue with it without feeling guilty for the caffeine craving. There won’t

Delhi’s Street Food

There are many cities in the world which are famous for their street food and without a doubt Delhi finds a place in that list. Delhi is not only the capital of India but also a place which has rich heritage and history behind it. Although Delhi is full of high end restaurants and hotels which provide excellent food and ambience, Delhi’s street foods have their own separate name and

Kentucky Fried Chicken: finger lickin’ good

Kentucky Fried Chicken which is most commonly known as KFC is an international fast food restaurant which currently has presence in about 118 countries. This fast food chain is specialized in preparing and serving delicious fried chickens to their customers. Currently there are approximately 19,000 outlets of KFC in different parts of the world and this shows the enormous name and success this fast food chain has achieved since it