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The connection between the body and mind is really strong, the way your body feels plays a great part in the functioning of your brain whether or not you experience a state of well being. Keeping your body free of toxins and other harmful nasty things will help you maintain a healthy living.               Thinking of doing a detox and wondering how to start?

Mangoes: Shout out to all the Mango Maniacs

Summer is at full stretch and the scorching heat and frequent power cuts don’t make it easy to fancy this season. There are still stuffs that we do root for throughout the year. Yes! I’m talking about long vacations, hometown visits or vacationing in the hill stations! But for all the “Foodaholics”, out there awaits the king of all fruits. Yes! MANGOES!! Though age is no category for a mango

Eat a food Rainbow and Colour yourself Healthy!

Aren’t this is Exciting? What is it with food Rainbow. Something that is Truly colorfully healthy! Eat a food rainbow refers that you should make sure that you have red, greens, yellows and all the bright colours on your plate. Nature is full of colours and colours are such a positivity in itself. Same as your wardrobe has so many colorful clothes and so much versatility to make you look

Fun facts about honey – the wonders it can do!

The negative impacts of redefined sugar have been too many to count but this does not imply that anything that is ‘sweet’ is harmful. There are numerous natural alternatives of redefined sugar which can be obtained from fruits, vegetables and the cute little honeybee! These do not have any sort of poor effect on one’s health and rather provide nourishing nutrients to the body. Honey has been in use since

Say Cheese, Eat cheese, Love cheese!

Cheese… Who doesn’t crave it ? Its yum, its wow! Unfortunately, this calorie thing destroys it all, making us think whether or not to answer our craving. Sad, no? But guys, cheese is attached with so many good facts also. Yes, you heard it right. I think the only caution is to be moderate with consumption, I don’t think there is need to abandon it for the purpose of dieting.