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Biscuits:Easy-to-carry and Easy-to-store

In this neoteric world every person from adults to children is found to be a biscuit fan. A pack of variety of biscuits is always found to be in your handbags. The time you feel hungry and have nothing to eat around you then take this out and fulfil the demands of your stomach for once. They are usually known by their different names like cookies in Canada and United

Why Biscuits are not Healthy Choice

I, myself is a big biscuit fan and all cookies seems irresistible to me. I fancy them, I eat them and crave them! But yes, this fact is also true that biscuits aren’t too healthy as they are made of flour (Maida), sugar, and edible oil being the main ingredients. A pack of biscuits with a cup of coffee is a good combination for my perfect evening. These biscuits, be