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Instant Noodles at rescue!

This one’s on an inspiration from a friend who, much to his gastronomic tragedy, is leading an independent life with zero cooking skills in Bangalore. To worsen things for him, he has a staunch dislike for Kannada cuisine. Eating out is obviously an option, and my earlier article which was on the best eating-out places in Bangalore, did seem to help him lot, but that on a regular basis is

Food Walk – Part I

Photo Walk. Sure. But how many of you have heard of “FOOD WALK”?   Food Walk (definition): You walk. You go places. You try out different delicacies. You eat, eat and eat. Your knowledge of food increases tenfold. Your waist-line – not so much, since you are literally walking the whole way and that makes up for all the calories you intake.   Going around the city with my friends

Street Food

In simple terms, street food can be defined as the food available in the streets. It’s basically ready-to-eat food which is prepared by local venders and then sold to the consumers. The business is carried out in a food truck or a cart where the food is prepared. Mostly regional in nature however there are a lot many venders who venture out into different cuisines in order to expand their