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Too much of healthy eating… A disorder?

When it comes to eating healthy foods, the answer is always yes. But do you know excess of pure and healthy foods and their consumption can be disorder. Though, it is well known that excess of everything is bad for health. Yes, It is right that we all are encouraged to eat healthy foods and munch on healthy diet but some people take it too far and having too much

Win over the Festive Cravings!

Festive season is here and so are all the food delicacies. The mouth-watering sweets, lovely chocolate packs, attractive sweet shops, decorated foodie stuff is all around and resisting all this is a big challenge. Heart says have it all, have what you want and Head says No! Not a good idea to have it all. This constant fight between head and heart is ruining all the joy of festivities. Sweets

Keep Munching and still lose weight!

Yes, I know eating anything without getting worried about gaining weight is like an unaccomplished dream for many. It is natural if you are body shape conscious, you will obviously consider how many fat and calories you are taking in. The obesity outbreak has reached everywhere and people are trying hard to apply course of action to control their sweet tooth and other food cravings. But if I say you

Eating: All under Control

Do you feel Eating is out of control and you don’t have sovereignty over your appetite? You aren’t alone. There are many out there feeling the same and struggling everyday to overcome over-eating and stick to their diet plans. Over-eating isn’t the reason alone for obesity and other health and body shape related problems, but appetizing over junk food is the culprit of obesity and increasing weight. They seem so

For the love of Chocolate!

That silky, smooth, velvety, so yum, exotic thing, we can’t resist is CHOCOLATE. Just the addition of Chocolate can make anything to everything delicious. It is such a thing that everyone craves and loves. It can lift up your mood and has the goodness of antioxidants. Chocolates are lovable and are a sheer bliss to humanity. For the love of chocolate, here are some too popular chocolate delights, easy to make