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Quirky Fooooood Facts!

Food, Food, Foood, we crave for it, we love it, we want more, we want tasty and what not. Yes, we do! The more delicious food is, the more crazy we go for it. Craving for eatable is directly associated with the tastefulness. Sitting, binging on favorite foods is like heaven on earth. If you are also among the one who is curious not about what to eat but about

Fascinating Food Facts!

C’mmon! You all Foodies. You love food, I love food, We love food, All love food. But do you know the superawesome, amazing, unbelievably true random facts about food. Some of you may be say Yes, while others aren’t so aware. But here’s some bizzare facts about the food you swallow, that tickles your tastebuds, satisfy your cravings and love you back. In the world of food, some are healthy,