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Rice Is Nice!

Rice is a part of the Bengali’s ‘Mach Dal Bhat’ and most of us have had it for a better part of our life – Rice for dinner. Rice for lunch. For some, rice for breakfast too. It is the staple food of Bengal. And it goes well with a myriad of delicious sides. Rice can be cooked in various ways. It can be steamed, boiled, spiced up, etc. it

Do’s and don’ts for diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a sort of chronic metabolic disorder which leads to a failure in converting body sugars, starches and other foods into energy.Generally during the process of digestion the food we take is converted into glucose which is carried through the body by the bloodstream.This glucose is converted into energy by the hormone insulin.But in diabetic people the body does not make enough insulin or it wont make better

Worried About Hair Falls! Try These Foods

Hair loss is a major concern these days. What we apply on our locks is not the only thing that leads to strong and healthy hairs. The perfect balanced diet also plays a significant role in this matter. Similar to each and every other bit of the body, the strong hairs can be determined by the nutritious diet.  When our body is disadvantaged from the necessary nutrients then our body

Diet for healthy pregnancy

Every women in her life time at least once she want to become mother and it is a sense of feeling which wont get for any other reason.Every women will feel proud and will be at most happy for being pregnant.Actually pregnancy is the development of one or more offspring generally known as embryo in a woman’s uterus.For most of the women for one pregnancy she can give birth to one child, but

Monsoon Special!!

A fine sunless Sunday mid-morning. You wake up groggily staring at the clock ticking its way close to 12. Then you see the dark clouds drawing near. A few deep grave rumble here and there. Soft water pellets land on your windowsill which gradually change into fat drops. You rush to close all the windows in your house lest it floods in. You watch the world bath in its glory…the

Essential Muscle Nutrients Which Are Found Only in Animal Food

Muscles are every much important for the human body as they perform several essential functions such as breathing and allow us to do physical labor. Every man today wants to have a body full of muscles so that they can look attractive and powerful. Muscles burns calories and so if you are planning to build a powerful body you need to pay special attention towards the food that you eat

Truth about the Vegan Diet

Veganism is a special type of vegetarian diet in which people completely exclude eggs, meats, dairy products and all those ingredients which are derived from the animals. In veganism, people completely boycott the processed foods such as the white sugar and wines as well. Those people who follow such diet as called as vegans. Vegans generally give several arguments so as to why you should stop eating the animal foods.


Skin-care is probably the most overrated issue in our life. With the flooding of creams, face-washes and other products in the market, beauty is arguably the most profit-generating venture. There are day creams, night creams, anti-aging, wrinkle-lift, fairness creams, cold-creams and what not!! I am sincerely waiting for noon creams, evening creams, summer creams, spring creams and most importantly, anti-dumbness creams.  When all these creams don’t suffice, people flock to

Red Meat: Is it really bad for your health?

Red meat is certainly one food item which has created a lot of controversies and people are divided on the basis of their opinions id it sis good or bad for the health. When the red meat is raw, it is of red color and moreover its color does not change to white after it is cooked. There had been many reports lately suggesting that red meat is not good

Ten reasons why we should use coconut oil

The coconut tree belongs to the palm family.The term coconut refers to the entire coconut palm.This is found almost every place we go and is having vast range of uses in many fields.These coconuts are a part of their diet for few people.The derivatives from coconut are oil and milk that are most commonly used in cooking and frying.Coconut finds wide range of applications and its oil is used in