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Humans evolved for millennia on diets that were naturally very low salt; hunter-gatherers probably ate less than one gram of salt a day. Then about 6000 years ago, the Chinese began using salt to preserve food, and ever since it’s been a major ingredient in our diet worldwide. Today the high salt content of many processed foods have pushed average consumption up to 8 gm a day- double the recommended

The So Called Heart Healthy Food Which Can Actually Clog Your Arteries!

You must have been often recommended by your doctors or elder to eat those food items which offer essential nutrients and minerals required by the human body as it helps in proper growth and development. And in order to follow those advices you often go for those food items which have healthy tag on them. You choose food items which are processed or chose oils which have the healthy tag

Food Addiction: Sign, Symptoms and Treatment

Food Addiction is one of the major problems with many people and no matter how hard they try, they simply cannot overcome it. With the help of the various research conducted in different parts of the world it has now been proved that people get addicted to one or the other food items and they love to eat it frequently. Although they are most likely aware that that eating these