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Growing up in India “Acchars” or the Indian pickle has been a substantial part of my childhood experience. I would see my Mom and Aunts spending considerable time in preparing the vegetables, gathering the spices and making arrangements for their storage for days on end. A very tedious affair indeed!! But the end product makes up for all the trouble caused. Pickles are tangy and immediately add savor to anything

JUICY LUCY:The King of Burgers.

Delhi Heights. The size of a quarter plate,the width of about two and half inch,this giant burger called the juicy Lucy, stuffed with chicken,lettuce,fresh tomatoes and with an excess amount of cheese is probably the most loaded of all burgers available in India.The serving portions at the Cafe Delhi Heights are absolutely colossal and the taste and quality undoubtedly do take every possible measure to match the stature.A must eat

IndiJoe:Foodie dream come true

Behold!Here comes IndiJoe !Another page int he foodie diaries is about to be filled!A true foodie heaven(figuratively)has been uncovered from under folds and folds places and cities.Situated at the  Ambiance mall,Gurgaon,this food joint comes across as an actual foodie dream with an ‘all you can ‘eat buffet.You name it and they have it.Indian,Chinese,Thai,Continental,Italian,American,Mediterranean,Mongolian ,and so on and so forth.The list goes on and on.Where some other restaurants may claim to