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The no-fuss Valentine’s Menu

Valentine’s Day 2014 may have gone. But your Valentine surely hasn’t. And for your next few Valentine Days, how about you prepare and sharpen your skills beforehand rather than the day before. Here, by skills, I refer mainly to cooking since that is my forte.   It’s June now. So, you have exactly 9 months to learn and let learn. For the beginners, you might want to start with something

Cake, Lovin’ it!

Cakes… Are they only for Birthday occasions? Not Really. Cakes are such mood changers. They are irresistible. We love cakes and they love us. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t love cake. Everyone fancies it and Chocolate cake, its like king of all. Just so delicious. Eating a chocolate cake simply makes our day so effortless. They are yum, rich, creamy, fluffy, soft and what not! The

Chocolates, Mmm..mm..Muahhh!

The treat that lies in its wrapper, so loved worldwide, named as chocolate is irresistible and exotic. There is no replacement for chocolate. It is in itself a world, so exciting and mouth-watering. No conditions attached. It is such a feel good therapy. You can relinquish a bar anytime, all the time. When you’re happy, its time for chocolate, when you’re sad, its time for chocolate. Whether, you’re anxious, emotional,

Say Cheese, Eat cheese, Love cheese!

Cheese… Who doesn’t crave it ? Its yum, its wow! Unfortunately, this calorie thing destroys it all, making us think whether or not to answer our craving. Sad, no? But guys, cheese is attached with so many good facts also. Yes, you heard it right. I think the only caution is to be moderate with consumption, I don’t think there is need to abandon it for the purpose of dieting.

Burger Urges!!

What is it about that meaty (or veggie) patty topped with mayo, ketchup, lettuce and sandwiched between the oh-so-tasty buns that makes our tongues water? Is it the ambrosias aroma of the spice mix or the spectacular way the Burger sits in front of us neatly packed in its various layers? Or the inexplicable sensation the moment we take our first bite – the burst of flavour that hits us,

Bengalis and their obsession with Fish

  ‘Mach’. ‘Dal’. ‘Bhat’. The three monosyllabic words represent a paradisiacal abode for the good people of Bengal. Bengal, being near the coast, is abundant in a variety of fishes and thus the emergence of a myriad of ever-popular fish delicacies has taken place. It is said that a Bengali cannot live without his fish. Wherever he may go, however far he may travel, his love for fish –bag and baggage-