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Magic Maggi!

Ma’s ‘magic maggi’. I remember getting it to school for lunch almost every week and my friends would finish it off in less than 5 minutes. They loved my mother’s ‘magic maggi’. I did too.  She fried it instead of simply boiling it. She gave a whole new dimension to it. Ma added eggs (a must), experimented with different veggies depending on the season of the year, sometimes threw in

Maggi… the most Loved !

Meri maggi… Are you also among the ones to munch on maggi whenever you feel hungry and is it the most lovable snack of yours and yes the instant one? Well, I know Maggi is something, actually popular throughout the world to have for at anytime of day and can be made in versatile ways. Let’s know some facts about maggi apart from its taste and the two-minute mechanism. Maggi

Maggi Mania

On Mondays, they serve Matar Paneer in the mess. But as my friend down the hall puts it, it is better described as “water Paneer” – a few peas and an even fewer pieced of cottage cheese swimming in a curry that’s all but water. Needless to spell out, you walk out of the mess feeling less than full. Two hours on, you fall prey to crazy hunger pangs. The