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Rice Is Nice!

Rice is a part of the Bengali’s ‘Mach Dal Bhat’ and most of us have had it for a better part of our life – Rice for dinner. Rice for lunch. For some, rice for breakfast too. It is the staple food of Bengal. And it goes well with a myriad of delicious sides. Rice can be cooked in various ways. It can be steamed, boiled, spiced up, etc. it


Rice does to a meal, what ornaments do to a woman! An ordinary meal turns into a treat if a little imagination is used in preparation. Rice can be used to prepare a plethora of dishes – biryanis, pulaos, tahirees, stir fried rice and so on. Pulaos are famous Indian rice dish of Persian origin. It is basically rice sautéed in a little oil or ghee and then cooked along