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Let’s have some RAINBOW!!

Who doesn’t love a rainbow? That magical moment when Tlaloc is being generous and yet the sun is peeking from behind the clouds, hop scotching and letting fall its warmth here and there – that exact moment, a jolly young rainbow is born. Rainbows had always fascinated me as a kid. It had that fairytale aura that I looked for in anything and everything then. That fascination – well, I

Eat a food Rainbow and Colour yourself Healthy!

Aren’t this is Exciting? What is it with food Rainbow. Something that is Truly colorfully healthy! Eat a food rainbow refers that you should make sure that you have red, greens, yellows and all the bright colours on your plate. Nature is full of colours and colours are such a positivity in itself. Same as your wardrobe has so many colorful clothes and so much versatility to make you look