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The Curious Case of Mrs. Hen’s kids!

With an amazing lot of activity happening in a day, bachelors or bachelorettes staying alone seldom have time to treat their taste buds right. One day it is a meeting with the boss, another day it is work at home and till the third day you get so tired that it takes an effort to even get up from your bed. And preparing a meal in all this haste seems

A Platter of Vegetarian Kebabs

Originating in the coastal countries of the eastern Mediterranean area, kebab is a versatile dish made by roasting and grilling pieces of meat, fish, and vegetables, over a skewer or a spit. The dish quickly spread in popularity and consumption throughout the nations of the Middle East, and then central Asia. The kebab traces its historic roots to before the 17th century B.C., and even the ancient Greek poet Homer

Sweet Potato: Delicacies you cannot miss

SWEET POTATO DISHES Sweet potato is the healthier replacement of our beloved potatoes and it is loved by most of us. Packed with important vitamins and other nutrients, sweet potato helps us stay fit. They are also a good source of potassium and iron which are two most important minerals for our body. Sweet potatoes are not only delicious but they also come with long list of health benefits. So,

Chutneys are Yummy! Part 2

Chutney (also translated as Chatney or Chatni) is a family of condiments mainly associated with South Asian cuisine that usually contain some mixture of spice(s), vegetable(s), and/or fruit(s). Chutneys may be either wet or dry, and can have a coarse or fine texture. There are various types of chutneys. Traditionally, chutneys are ground with a mortar and pestle made of stone or an ammikkal . Spices are added and ground, usually in a


We have come a long way since the days when veggies meant overcooked carrot and a lump of stodgy potato. It’s a great treat to have the list of food choices we enjoy nowadays. But the pretentious language that’s built up around dinning is enough for us to grind our teeth so hard that whatever we choose to eat will soon need to be consumed through a straw. Celebrity chefs

Nutella, Nutella… Everywhere!

Have you heard about Nutella Chocolate? Freaky Question. I Know! Nutella, the hazelnut chocolate spread, is deliciously, awesomely, supertasty, lovely, chocolaty, creamy, fancy, uber, yum, nutty thing. You just need a spoon and there you go. Eat it and keep eating it and spreading it on breads, cookies or cakes or on anything you want. And the fascinating thing, you know 5 February,2014 is celebrated as Nutella Day. Nutella lovers

4 Romantic Desserts That Will Take Your Heart Away

Romantic dessert…that just sounds a bit redundant, doesn’t it? There is nothing better than the combination of two of the best things in the world, namely dessert and romance. Science has proved that there are certain fruits and other edible items that can turn on your mood and are a must have for that perfect date. we all know that chocolates and strawberries are great aphrodisiacs too. No wonder the

Ten Minutes or Less: Food Tips and Tricks

We live in a fast track world where things happen like… whoooosh. There are mornings when one doesn’t have enough time to make a breakfast and there are nights when after a hard day’s work no one has enough energy to stand in the kitchen and cook food for one more hour. In the age when Pizza comes under 30 minutes, who wants to wait for 1 hour for the

KARIM’S: A must visit restaurant for the non-vegetarians

Karim’s is one of the most famous non vegetarian destinations located in the Jama Masjid area of Old Delhi. The popularity of this restaurant can be described by the fact that today Karim’s is synonym to the area in which it is located. This place provides the best and most delicious Mughlai cuisine. None of the non-vegetarian food chain in India is more famous than Karim’s. This hotel has simply

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is a popular tandoori snack which is a simple recipe. Paneer Tikka is a marinated paneer cubes which are arranged on skewerss,which are used for holding food and then baked in an oven.It is considered as one of the best paneer recipes.There are many varieties in paneer tikka to prepare.Mostly,paneer tikka is prepared on a tandoor and hence it can be named as tandoori paneer tikka but it