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We have come a long way since the days when veggies meant overcooked carrot and a lump of stodgy potato. It’s a great treat to have the list of food choices we enjoy nowadays. But the pretentious language that’s built up around dinning is enough for us to grind our teeth so hard that whatever we choose to eat will soon need to be consumed through a straw. Celebrity chefs

Sankalp: The Home of Delicious South Indian Cuisines

Today we have so many South Indian food serving restaurants in different parts of the country, but none is more popular than Sankalp. The success story of this Indian restaurant is really incredible. The style and broad range of dishes present in the menu of this restaurant is nonpareil. One of the main reasons of their popularity is the presence of the innovative food items in their menu. The experts

McDonalds – I’m Lovin’ It

Can you imagine without Happy Meals,Chicken McNuggets?No!!That much popular is McDonald’s lately.It created a sensation in food chain  and got popularity and now spread across world.A man named Ray Kroc started from a small burger restaurant restaurant in California city and his journey started until it reached world’s leading fast food chain spreading across 118 countries having more than 35,000 restaurants and serving more than 70 million people a day.

Moreish Wanderings Part-I: Bengaluru

If you really wish to get-away from the stereotypical venturing of ‘popular’ places and join me in my gastronomic peregrination through an array of exotic spaces hid within the heart of one of the most popular urban destinations, your very own B’lore and discover for the ultimate “experience of the unknown”, then here’s your chance! Bengaluru, commonly known as Bangalore or B’lore, which is ‘usually’ adorned with various titles of-the