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Meal is incomplete without Cereals

Cereals are the staple food in our meal providing unlimited benefits to our body and mind too. If one has choices available for healthy lifestyles, then cereals are the best choice you people can opt. The nutritional value of cereal is undoubtedly so high that no other food item can replace this staple item from our meal. It is highly rich in carbohydrate, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Cereals, being

Rice Is Nice!

Rice is a part of the Bengali’s ‘Mach Dal Bhat’ and most of us have had it for a better part of our life – Rice for dinner. Rice for lunch. For some, rice for breakfast too. It is the staple food of Bengal. And it goes well with a myriad of delicious sides. Rice can be cooked in various ways. It can be steamed, boiled, spiced up, etc. it


Rice does to a meal, what ornaments do to a woman! An ordinary meal turns into a treat if a little imagination is used in preparation. Rice can be used to prepare a plethora of dishes – biryanis, pulaos, tahirees, stir fried rice and so on. Pulaos are famous Indian rice dish of Persian origin. It is basically rice sautéed in a little oil or ghee and then cooked along

Ghee rice recipe

The main food item in south India is rice,using this rice there are many recipes prepared depending on the locality and taste.One of the most popular rice made recipe is ghee rice which is made by many people instantly in their homes.Because of its easy making,less time taking process and most adorable taste many of the busy people prefer making this at their home.This process is so simple because of

The Veggie Kitchen

I’m going vegan for a week. Being a meat lover and someone who hardly has her vegetables at meal time, this was turning out to be quite a hellish challenge to overcome. I spent the first two days craving for some meat. Anything meaty. Any meat look-a-like. Today is the sixth day and I’m more than okay. I guess I’ll survive. I was always a fussy eater. Not this. Not

Healthy Cooking for Diabetes

DIABETES. What is Diabetes? When one has diabetes, the amount of glucose (sugar) in his/her blood is very high. This is mainly because the body is unable to use the glucose properly. For Diabetic people, maintaining blood glucose levels is the essential aim for treatment and this can be done by leading a healthy lifestyle. My grandmother and my mother are both prey to the disease diabetes mellitus. It is

Cooking And Kids

  “When I cook with my son, I might chop vegetables and have fun with different shapes. Cooking is a way to teach kids about other things, like reading or math with all of the weights and measures. There are so many things that are part of cooking that are also very educational.” – Emeril Lagasse     Cooking with kids is super easy and fun. These days, recipes for