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4 Efficient methods to Meditate

The post informs about “4 Efficient methods to meditate” and is drafted after discussing all the Pros and Cons in the post before of why there is a need for meditation? For all the people down for it do need to know proper techniques and different types of meditation. As mentioned in the earlier post regarding meditation, it is not a onetime cure. It should be a lifelong habit. So

5 Things you gotta know about Meditation

Whenever “MEDITATION” word crosses any where we tend to imagine Yogis or mental training. That doesn’t mean meditation don’t involve them in the picture, it’s just not the whole scenario. Yes! Meditation is needed. Why? It’ll be discussed further in the post, but let us first free ourselves from the preset definition of Meditation in our minds and start from the basic. One of the defining features for living beings

The Mirror Theory

  The world is a projection of our consciousness. The only way we can change the perspective of the people around us is by changing the way we look at the world. That simply means to bring about some change in our consciousness. Everything around is a mirror, a mirror that reflects all that you do or think. In every situation, every relationship, you would find reflections of your own