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Mix and match these low-cal, energising options to create your own perfect meal plan that’ll slim you down. By letting you choose from a spread of meals that deliver health per day, drop kilos, makes you feel satisfied and get to enjoy your favourite foods. Every meal contain a fat fighting dose of fibre (an average of 25 grams a day), the nutrient that slims you down by filling you

Best Tomato dishes that you can prepare easily

      Tomatoes are known as red fruits or berries , but are mostly used as vegetables There are different species of tomatoes available depending upon the region to region and climate conditions.             Tomatoes  are native to Mexico. Like Bangalore tomatoes, cherry tomatoes which is available in different colors but almost all tomatoes are available in  pure red color. Cherry tomatoes are the different variety of tomato which grows in very small size and red in color similar to cherries        just  like cherries so it is called as cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are originated from north Chile . These cherry tomatoes are cultivated since early 1800s. These cherry tomatoes are used mainly in salads , Mexican ans Spanish recipes, pizzas, and pastas. It can also be eaten raw or just boiled and roasted with salt and pepper. Tomatoes are rich in Lycopene, an antioxidant which is helpful in protecting cells in body and prevents skin cancer      caused  by UV-Rays. Eating tomatoes can keep you away from breast cancer and other cancer related diseases. Eating tomatoes can reduce sugar levels in blood and reduces fat Tomatoes contains carotene which improves blood serum level and also maintains good eye vision keeping away age  related eye muscular diseases. Tomato contains 21% Vitamin C.  The tomato recipes that you could preparely easily are: Tomato soup:   Ingredients: Tomatoes Salt to taste Ginger and garlic Pepper Butter cream Preparation method: Boil tomatoes along with ginger and add salt .and boil it still it is completely cooked. Now grind the tomatoes with ginger garlic paste until the ingredients are completely smashed smoothly Now take the mixture in the bowl add some butter cream with pepper powder sprinkled on it You can also use coriander to sprinkle on the soup which tastes good So hot soup is ready to be served .   Tomato Raita: Ingredients Red Tomatoes Finely chopped green chilies Finely chopped onions Coriander leaves Thick curd Cumin powder Pepper powder Salt  

The Soup Kitchen

The word ‘soup’ is derived from the French word ‘Soupe’. Soup is generally a liquid food, served warm or cold, usually as the first course or entrée, i.e., before the main meal. A ‘soup kitchen’ refers to a place which serves any prepared food to the homeless. Here, I have used the term merely to signify a kitchen where soup is cooked and served.   My very first soup was

Ooooo Sauce-y !!

Sauces are the splendor and glory of French cooking. -Julia Child   I remember ordering an egg roll at Bedwin, a well known roll shop here in Kolkata. (To those who love their rolls, kindly don’t take offence) They served the egg roll with potato and onion filling and no ketchup or sauce of any kind. A healthy roll. Well, for me, that’s not a roll – it’s chapatti with

Bloody Mary: One of the Most Popular Cocktails

Bloody Mary is of the very popular cocktail among the alcohol lovers. Both men and women love to have a sip of this popular cocktail occasionally. Bloody Mary is prepared by mixing vodka along with tomato juice, cayenne pepper, olives, celery salt, black pepper, lemon juice, horseradish, piri piri sauce, celery, Tabasco sauce, beef consommé and Worcestershire sauce. There are so many ingredients and they must be mixed at right

Quicker Meals For A Quick Life

Cooking is a lovely, satisfying, stress busting task. But when it becomes a duty, it seems exhaustive rather than recreation from exhaustion. And all the homemakers, wives, and people who have to make food everyday three times, will agree with me. No matter how much you love cooking, there will be a time, when you’ll start getting sick or bored of this 3-times-a-day duty. In every household, the person who