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Uniqueness of Chinese Culture

China was known as Middle Country in ancient period and is recently one of the largest countries across the world. China follows a single time zone, even though it is spread over five geographical regions with varying time zones. Chinese culture and tradition quite, quite complex as the lifestyles of Chinese people quite differ from one region to another. One of the most important reasons for this mysterious culture is

Chokhi Dhani: An Experience Like Never Before

The sultry breeze,the golden sand,the earthly smell,the air resonating with warm cordial greetings of “RAAM RAAM SA!”,smiles on each face,the enthusiasm with which each person reflects the undiluted festivity of Jaipur.Each moment spent in CHOKHI DHANI becomes an experience that you shall never forget.A mere peephole to have a glimpse of the rich culture and ways of celebrations Rajasthan harbour s,it is as legendary as it gets! Entering Chokhi Dhani