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Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Right from the ancient times turmeric has been used in our society. A lot of thesis has been written in the Indian mythology about the benefits of Turmeric. Most of the people in our society know turmeric as a spice used in cooking various dishes. Its addition gives the yellow color to the curry. It is not only used as a spice but also as a wonderful medicinal herb. Since

Turmeric For Tendonitis

Tendon is the structure in the body that connects your muscle to the bony attachment. It is tough yet flexible band of fibrous tissue. When functioning normally,these tendons slide easily and smoothly as the muscle contracts. Sometimes, the tendons get swelled up due to several reasons and the normal gliding movement of the tendon is impaired and the movement will become difficult.This very condition i.e. inflammation of tendons is referred

Unveiling The World Of Food Fraud

Everybody knows that homemade food is best for our health. But if we step out of this illusion, then, we will find that even homemade food can be potentially harmful to us. This is not because of the cooking, it is because of the ingredients used in cooking. Those ingredients, even if are present as less as 1 tablespoon in our food, can turn the food into a poison. Adulteration