Tandoori chicken is a famous South Asian dish which is made out of roasted chicken by adding spices and yogurt.The name Tandoor chicken is originated from the preparation process itself,as it is prepared in a cylindrical clay oven called Tandoor. Tandoor is heated by using wood or charcoal.By doing so we can heat the meat directly on live fire.By doing so we can remove the excess fat present in it and the meat gets cooked with the fat and juice in it.These Tandoor are generally maintained at high temperatures.

This spicy mouth watering tandoori chicken is originated in Punjab region.The tandoori chicken has became official from the incident that took place once at Moti Mahal, where the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru was served this dish, he inherently enjoyed the dish and made it a regular dish at official banquets.This is generally cooked at very high temperatures on a traditional grill.

Spicy mouth watering Tandoori chicken recipe

Spicy mouth watering Tandoori chicken recipe


1) Take 3/4 kg of Chicken(  leg pieces are more advisable )

For marinade:

1) Take one cup of yogurt or curd of low fat

2) Take chopped onion slices

3) Take half slice of lime

4) Take one clove garlic

5) Take 1/2 inch of ginger and peel off the skin

6) Take two green chilli

7) Take one and half table spoon of garam masala

8) Take salt that is sufficient for taste

9) Take red food color and orange food color

For Baking:

1) Take a cookery tray

2) Take Aluminum foil

3) Take a pastry brush (this is optional)

Ingredients required for making tandoori chicken

Ingredients required for making tandoori chicken


For making delicious Chicken tandoori it takes about 30 minutes of cooking process,but before starting the cooking process the chicken that is taken must be marinated for one whole night so that it gives a better taste.The preparation of chicken tandoori can be learned easily by step by step process.

Step 1:

For the first step of preparation we have to take chicken and wash it thoroughly so that the waste matter and dust particles that get stuck to the chicken gets washed away.After washing the chicken let them drain and arrange those pieces on a in a plate.Make sure you do not remove the skin part as it actually protects the flesh when you bake it.Make deep slits on either side of the leg pieces such that the bone gets touched to the knife.This will help the chicken to marinate well.

Making deep slits on either side of chicken legs

Making deep slits on either side of chicken legs

Step 2:

Take a deep bowl and squeeze the half slice of lime into it,to this add salt that is sufficient for taste.Mix these well until the salt gets mixed in the lemon juice.Now take a leg piece add lemon juice to it and take some of it in the hand and do massage the chicken piece well.repeat this process to all the chicken pieces.As soon as this process is completed keep it in a refrigerate it for 20 to 30 minutes.Now take a mixie and add curd, garam masala, tomato sauce, ginger, garlic, one table spoon of salt, green chili, sliced onion and grind it until a smooth paste is formed.

Ingredients are well mixed to form a smooth paste

Ingredients are well mixed to form a smooth paste

Step 3:

After the paste is ready,now take the chicken pieces from the refrigerator into a bowl and mix them with lime, food color, few drops of water.Make sure each piece gets the mixture eventually.After this process is completed your chicken will look all red.Take the marinade in a large bowl and add each piece individually and massage the paste into the slits and on both sides and leave it in the bowl.After doing so, keep them back in the refrigerator for at least 8 hrs or one whole day.The chicken gets more taste a the marination time increases.

Chicken Piecies must be marinade for atleast 8 hours

Chicken Pieces must be marinade for at least 8 hours

Step 4:

On the next day after marination of chicken pieces get ready for making tandoori.At first clean up the oven and heat it alone for a very high temperature that is available in one’s oven.Now take a cookery and line it with the aluminum foils that we have taken earlier.As this process is going on take the marinade chicken from the refrigerator and shake it once so that the excess paste that get stuck to it will be removed.Now place it on a cookery sheet and wrap the tail of these chicken pieces with a cookery sheet.

Chicken tandoori preparation process

Chicken tandoori preparation process

Step 5:

Now place this pieces in a tray carefully in the middle of the oven.Allow them to get fried in the oven for about  15 minutes.After it gets cooked, slowly remove the tray by using oven mitts.Again add some marinade using a spoon ad please note that you should not touch them directly as it may hurt you.allow it to get cooked for about ten minutes.At this moment all the juice that is present in the chicken gets burnt and gets completely cooked because of the extreme temperature.Then take the tray out.That’s it very spicy and mouth watering chicken tandoori is ready and move it to a serving plate.

Mouth watering chicken tandoori is ready

Mouth watering chicken tandoori is ready