Veganism is a special type of vegetarian diet in which people completely exclude eggs, meats, dairy products and all those ingredients which are derived from the animals. In veganism, people completely boycott the processed foods such as the white sugar and wines as well. Those people who follow such diet as called as vegans. Vegans generally give several arguments so as to why you should stop eating the animal foods. There are many myths in the mind of the people regarding the vegan diets. Some believe that the vegan diet is the best way a person can lose weight and fight the life threatening diseases. Every now and then you will be inspired to follow the vegan diet as it is highly beneficial for the human body. But the reality is completely different from what is presented in front of you. Vegan diet has in fact lots of side effects as well on which people don’t pay much attention and these side effects deteriorate the health of the individual. Here we will be talking about such lies and myths people have regarding the vegan diets.


People generally believe that since the vegan diet is completely free from animal foods, they offer several health benefits and are in fact healthy compared to the other food items that we eat in our daily life. The proponents of the vegan diets have whole foods in them. Vegan diet completely boycotts refined sugar, refined grains, Trans fats, vegetable oils and other processed foods. Consequently many food items which offers fewer nutrients and have chemicals that are harmful for the human body gets eliminated. The health benefits of the vegan diet is due to the fact that they consume only the whole food and eliminates the processed food items as they have harmful ingredients in them. It is nothing to do with the elimination of the animal foods from the diet. None of the studies have been able to prove that animal food is bad for the human health.


The other reason which people give for you to encourage in joining the vegan diet club is that the animal foods have huge amount of fats in them which is extremely harmful and is the root cause of the heart disease. The truth is that the cholesterol and the saturated fats which are present in the animal foods improves the blood cholesterol profile and offer several health benefits. They both give rise to the HDL and not the LDL which consequently helps in protecting the heart from diseases. Some of the recent advanced studies conducted in this field have proved that there is absolutely no connection among the heart disease and the consumption of the saturated fats and cholesterol. Vegan people use this myth to attract people but this myth has now been completely debunked.


People believe that the vegan diet is the only way one can reverse the heart disease. There is a huge contradiction on this fact. Till date no major prove is present which can support this fact. While this is true that a diet which has low fat content in it can be helpful in reversing the heart diseases but it is not necessary for you to completely adopt the veganism.


There is a very famous China Study associated with the vegan diet. China Study is in fact a world famous book written by the veteran biochemist T. Colin Campbell. In this book the author has claimed that the animal protein is the reason people suffer from the cancer and various heart diseases and lose their precious life. He stated the facts by examining the results of the survey conducted in the Cornell Oxford Project in China. But many researchers and biochemists from around the world have expressed their unhappiness over the content written in the book and have contradicted the facts given by T. Colin Campbell. They believe that the book China Study is in fact a science fiction and there is not enough evidence to accept the claims made by T. Colin Campbell.


People opt for the vegan diet as they believe that the animal protein is bad for their health. But this is not true. The animal protein is in fact useful for the human body. Several researches made in this regard confirm the same. The diet which has high protein in it acts as a wonderful appetite suppressant and this eventually helps you in losing weight. If you want to shed some kilos from your body then you must opt for the animal proteins instead of ignoring them. Further the animal protein also lowers the blood pressure and helps in building muscles.


The vegans argue that the human body is naturally herbivore and so people should not eat the animal flesh of any type. This is rather contradictory. We people are consuming animal flesh from generations and our body is well adapted to consume and digest the animal flesh. The humans on the other hand are omnivores. There are lots of nutrients and minerals obtained from the animal foods which are good for us. Moreover the claim that the person opting for the vegan diet live longer is also not true. No study has been able to prove that vegan diet is superior and is more beneficial for health.