The effortless tossing and spinning atop fingertips that have mastered the art of making soft,well spanned rumali rotis,skewers being fanned ,the spicy aroma of kebabs being made on open charcoal flames ,the soft smoky smell that lingers in your nostrils,the slicing and dicing of fresh salad,onions chopped into rings and the chutney being made on stone ‘silbatta’ ,coriander,chillies and lemon grounded into a perfect mix. This is the heavenly sight of the Tunday Kababi’s open kitchen in Aminabad ,Lucknow.
Established in the year of 1905,this place has still not lost its charm and flavour.It has never ceased to amaze people.The city of Nawabs has yet another ace in its deck of foody cards.With numerous franchises across the nation,in fact some even around the globe,The original Tunday Kababi is the Kohinoor of its kabab kingdom.

A typical eatery with all the cooking,simmering,frying and brewing happening right in front of your eyes,attaining a seat here is a tough bargain.
A colossal menu that comprises of every Mughlai dish you could think of,presents before you a dilemma that is tough to tackle,let alone dismiss.
To choose between biryanis ,kormas,shorbas and kebabs is without a doubt a really tough call.But to ease that tensed nerve ,here is a suggestion,begin with the all time favorite and famous KABAB.
Galuati,seekh,shaami,kakori,pasinda and boti kabab.Yes THOSE are the types of kababs that you have to choose from.Though it totally depends upon what your personal choice of kabab is,yet for those who are treading on the Nawabi grounds of mughlai food for the first time,a personal favorite is the Galauati kabab.
This particular type of kabab is a favorite of a vast majority,hence in all possibility ,even the rarest of cases who are not fond of anything mughlai will develop a liking to the galauati ,the moment their tastebuds come in contact with the kabab.

What is so special about it?
Well now,getting into the details of WHAT MAKES IT SO SPECIAL,we begin with the preparation.Galauati kababs are made from mutton that is well beaten ,tender and juicy.They are then kneaded and rolled into soft lumpy round masses and then pressed down in a perfect circular shape on the ‘tava’ heated on charcoal flame.Flipped more than three times,the benefit of such rigorous cooking methodology will be uncovered as soon as your order arrives.The subtle smoky and spicey smell of crispy kababs is the most prominent of all sights in your plate.Taking the first bite would require you to break a portion of the soft rumali roti and as you pressure your finger on top of the kebab,the crispy crust of it breaks away ,paving way towards a soft ,juicy center. Precisely,this is the beauty of tunday ke kabab.Its not just a treat to the palate but a visual and olfactory treat as well.
Having made your first bite,the very moment you place it on your tongue,you would experience a subtle yet savory blast of flavours.The spices ,the way the mutton is marinated ,the smoky charcoal aroma,the freshness of the chutney and salad,all work together to conjure up the most fantastic of mughal food experiences.After the first,there is no stopping,you shall devour all the contents in your plate.
If your stomach still allows ,the butter chicken,Nahari mutton,Mughlai parantha,mutton curry and mutton biryani are also a must try.Neither too spicy nor too bland,maintaining the perfect balance of flavours the butter chicken and mutton gravy are also among the list of popular favorites.


The Mughlai parantha comes by as a surprise element. Clad in the spongy soft armor of flour made exterior with beautiful brown-1red spots bearing the sign of being well made,resides the core made up of mutton stuffed in every interstice of it.
This preparation is one beast of a dish that absolutely escalates the sensitivity of your tastebuds,catapulting you to the most sensuous of all palatial pleasures.The biryanis have a similar effect.Yet as stated earlier,the kababs are the show stealers .On the whole ,Tunday kababi offers you dishes that envelope your senses and make every bite an experience so indulgent that it leaves an everlasting mark on your memory.Each cell in your brain,stomach and tongue shall remember its delicious and delectable taste.Your olfactory nerves shall tingle at the mere thought of it,and the salivary glands shall water at the name of its dish.

Amazingly enough,an order for two people costs around Rs.250 or so and what is even more praiseworthy is just how filling this food is!As far as the hygiene,quality and validity of the praises showered are concerned,well it has been functional for over a hundred years,has numerous franchises and has a four and a half stars on Zomato,now that speaks volumes!A complete paisa vasool,each penny shelled out is justified by each bite you eat.Value for money,great taste,unforgettable experience and a delectable treat to the senses all under the same roof. The royal foody stroll in the fields of Nawabi Kababi would not have been possible without them!BON APETITE!