There are lots of controversies on the facts about the nutrition. People generally believe in what they hear without authenticating the source and consider the facts as truths. It is a common human tendency and happens with almost everyone. You hear the views of the elders or some learned person and try to follow them without making any efforts to make sure that the facts mentioned are correct or not. We are hereby talking about those universal nutrition truths which people generally believe is correct and try to find out if they are correct or just myths.


Added Sugar is Unhealthy: Well, if you are believer of this fact that added sugar is unhealthy, then you are correct. The addition of sugar gives rise to the blood sugar level, which affects the normal functioning of the human body. The added sugars are in fact sucrose or fructose corn syrup which is very much harmful for the human body. Not only they have empty calories in them, they are also the source of various harmful metabolic toxins which causes serious harm to your health. Many researchers believe that the added sugar is the prime reason for the spread of the western diseases among the people.


The Artificial Trans Fats are Unhealthy: There are lots of controversies about the artificial Trans fats. While some people believe that the Trans Fats are healthy, a major section of the people believes that they are not good for the human body and their consumption is like inviting the diseases to attack you. Trans Fats are actually unsaturated fats, which are created by altering the saturated fats chemically. In the process of manufacturing of the unsaturated fats, the saturated fats are exposed to the high pressure and high heat in the presence of the hydrogen gas acting as a catalyst. Because of the hydrogenation of the fats the LDL cholesterol level, which is bad for the human body increases while the HDL cholesterol which is good decreases. The highly processed foods are the ones which have the artificial Trans fats. So it is a wise step to avoid these artificial Trans fats.


Green Tea is one of the Healthy Beverages: Most of the people have this mindset that the coffee consumption is not at all good for the human body as it contains caffeine but on the other hand the consumption of the green tea is healthy. While there is a controversy on the consumption of the coffee, the intake of the green tea is actually very much beneficial for health. Green tea is a rich source of the antioxidants and the EGCG, which is a bioactive compound. If you regularly drink green tea, then there are strongly protected against the chronic heart diseases and cancer. Green tea not only boosts the metabolic processes in the body, but also helps in burning the fats. Moreover, they also have specific amino acids which play a major role in maintaining the proper functioning of the brain. So it’s time you start drinking it as it will help you to stay fit and healthy.


Olive Oil is Healthy: Most of the people consider olive oil as healthy and this is absolutely correct. They are very much beneficial in maintaining good health. Olive oil is actually one of the gifts of the Mediterranean diet and is used in almost every corner of the world. The most tedious task in today’s time is getting the right kind of olive oil from the market as there are so many adulterated olive oils being sold throughout the world. Olive oils offer several advantages. They have a large amount of monounsaturated fats and powerful antioxidants, which gives the much desired boost to the metabolic health. Further, the presence of the anti-inflammatory compounds in the olive oil makes it very much beneficial for the heart. If you can get the quality olive oil then it will be optimal as they have the healthy fats in them.


Supplements Cannot Be Used to Compensate the Unhealthy Diets: It is extremely important for you to choose and eat the right food items as they have a direct impact on your health. Any negligence in this regard is not accepted and it can be dangerous for you. The composition of the whole food is very much complex. They have so much of vitamins, proteins and other essential minerals in them. Quite frankly, we are not at all aware of the total compositions of most of the food items and so the supplements cannot be used to compensate for the real healthy foods. Science has progressed a lot but still we do not have the supplements for the traces of unaccounted minerals found in the real food items. So it lies in your hand to select the food best suited for your health. If you believe that you can eat anything, even if it is unhealthy and not fit for your body and in order to compensate for the essential nutrients you will eat supplements, then you are wrong and you need to change your attitude quickly before it affects your health.