People, simply love it. The Butter. It is rich, creamy, lush and appetizing; making everything soft and mouth-watering. This exquisite thing, called Butter is just lovely and elegant. You can put it on anything, solid or melted and taste miraculously improves just by the little addition of it. In Indian culture, it has gained so much popularity because Lord Krishna loves it so much and the Janamashtami festival reminds us all about butter and the love and irresistance for butter that makes small Krishna steal it. The fat myth of butter is a little disturbing, but the infinite health benefits of butter just cover it up. It has been considered as a threat to the dieters but if taken in moderation, it is of immense goodness for them too. We all know, Butter is a dairy product made by churning fresh or fermented milk to separate the butterfat from buttermilk and is high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats. Butter is a kitchen essential and one of those foods which turn almost any simple, bland food into rich, luscious masterpiece meal.
In case, if you are one of them who avoid butter because it will make you fat or cause you heart disease, then you should reconsider your facts, as this yummy treat has so much good to offer and you just can’t resist this rich, buttery butter. Even, it has been proved that butter is way healthier choice than margarine and spreads. Let’s have a look on the super awesome, rich, healthy wealthy benefits of so called ‘makhan’;

It contains healthy saturated fats: Butter has lots of saturated fats which raise the good cholesterol (HDL) and change the LDL (bad cholesterol). Also, butter contains short and medium chain fats, which lead to increased fat burning and improved satiety and new studies show that there is no association between heart disease and saturated fats.
It is rich in fat-soluble vitamins and healthy ‘calories’: it contains fat soluble vitamins which are vitamin A, E, K2. The grass-fed butter is particularly rich in Vitamin K2, which provides us with powerful health benefits as it is involved in calcium metabolism and prevents many chronic diseases. Though, it has a high calorie content, but these are healthy calories and are beneficial for the body.
It is rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Especially, grass fed butter is a great source of CLA, which is a fatty acid and has powerful effects on metabolism and is also a great weight loss supplement. Also, It has been shown to improve body composition in many studies and have anti-cancer properties.

It is linked with lower risk of obesity: Despite having high calorie content, eating high-fat butter is not associated with obesity and weight gain. It has been researched and results are shown that high- fat dairy product, butter is not linked with obesity, did not increase risk of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease. It breaks down fat and use them more efficiently and also satisfies many cravings, thus helping you in your weight loss.
It makes your skin glow: As, it has Vitamin E and antioxidants, it is excellent for skincare. It helps to smoothen the skin and makes it elastic, supple, soft and keep it healthy. It has an essential antioxidant mineral, called selenium, which gives your skin, a healthy glow.
It lowers the heart attack risk: It is a myth that margarine is better than butter. The health food, butter is more heart healthy and lowers down the risk of heart attack. It is replaced and science doesn’t back up this claim of being margarine is healthier than butter as margarine contains highly processed trans fats, while butter has high Vitamin K2 content and that’s why it lowers down heart attack risk.
It lubricates the joints and protects against Arthritis: It is great for people who are suffering from arthritis as it gives lubrication to the joints and helps in reducing the pain associated with it. It was found that it helps in the production of compounds that lubricates the joints. The raw or unpasteurized butter has anti-stiffness property, also known as Wulzen factor, that protects against degenerative arthritis.
It has cancer-fighting properties: The short and medium chain fatty acids help in fighting cancer and inhibit tumor growth. Also, it is rich in CLA, which is a strong anti cancer fatty acid which prevents the cancer. So, a diet rich in grass fed butter deters the cancer growth and prevents it.
It promotes and develops a healthy brain and nervous system: Butter, a health food is high in cholesterol and our brains needs cholesterol to function properly and in addition, it has a unique, highly absorbable form of vitamin D, which is important for proper functioning of the nervous system. It is very essential food in children’s diet as it aids the proper development in their growth stage. The nourishment from butter is of utmost importance during the growing stages of childhood.

Now, being familiar with so many perks of butter, the only learning it gave us; Don’t shun butter out of your daily diet schedule, rather include it in moderate quantities in creative ways in your food and enjoy it to the fullest. Because Happy eating is healthy eating. Keep enjoying utterly, butterly dishes.
BUTTER… yummmmy!