It has been proved that the human body is 60 % made up of water. Water is the most essential requirement for any individual. Different people have different opinions on how much water you should drink each day. Generally it is recommended that you should drink about 2 liters of water per day. There is an 8×8 rule which says that a normal human being should drink 8 ounce of water, eight times a day which adds up to form about half a gallon water. Although this rule is arbitrary and there is no scientific explanation behind it, it is very much useful. The human body requires this much of water daily as it constantly loses water in the form of sweat and urine. But some people have the opinion that in order to avoid the dehydration, you should drink water throughout the day even if you are not thirsty. There are certain internal and external factors which play a vital role in an individual’s need for water. The important point is that without water the survival of the human beings is not possible. You cannot survive long if we do not drink water daily in the adequate amount. For most of the body organs to work properly and the various metabolism functions in the body, water is extremely essential.


If the human body is not provide with adequate amount of water, the energy level of the body comes downs and so as a result the functioning of the brain is affected. There are unexpected mood swings and headaches. Even the mild dehydration of the human body gives rise to the several problems. People start to lose weight and the brain consequently experiences its negative impact. If you are among such people who perform vigorous exercises then you must stay hydrated all the time as the less water content in your body will affect your physical performance and will eventually decrease your endurance.


Many people believe that drinking lots of water help them in losing weight because the water reduces the appetite and it increases the metabolism activities in the human body. This is actually true. When you drink water the metabolism of the body increases by about 25 % which is a very significant figure. Now again if you drink the prescribed amount of water daily, the energy expenditure of the body which is measured in the term of calories increases by about 96 calories per day. The key point here is that you should drink water prior to your meals as it will help in reducing the amount of the calories that you will consume during your meals. In this way you can keep a check on the amount of calories you consume and lose weight as per your requirement.


Now there are many health benefits of drinking water and it also helps you in avoiding many life taking diseases. According to the studies conducted in the various parts of the world, if you consume water in the prescribed amount daily, then you can avoid constipation, formation of stones in your kidneys, skin hydration, formation and spread of acne and most importantly you can also protect yourself from and bladder cancer. If you are among such people who do not drink water in desired quantity then, you must start doing it as it is extremely beneficial for your health.


Now it is also not necessary that you should drink the plain water to complete the daily dose of your water requirement. You can also drink tea, coffee and eat water rich foods to compensate for the water required by the human body. There are many vegetables and fruits which are very much rich in water content. Meat, eggs and fish are some of the examples of such foods. All these food items also contribute in maintaining the fluid balance in your body. But you must protect yourself from sweating a lot.


Maintaining the water balance in the body is one such aspect where you must pay special attention. We feel thirsty when the water balance in your body goes below the accepted level. If you feel thirsty, then you must immediately find a water source and drink it in appropriate amount. You should never ignore such feelings as it is highly essential for your survival. In a normal human being the thirst instinct is so strong and reliable that it is sufficient to pay attention towards the water requirement of the body. The water need of the body varies from individual to individual. For some people 2 liters is more than enough while for some people they feel like drinking water on very small intervals. In certain case such as ladies who get involved in breastfeeding their child should drink a lot of water. Similarly if you had vomiting or if you are suffering from diarrhea, then you must increase the amount of water that you drink daily.