Travelling is a stress-buster for many people. They cherish going to new places, meeting new people, knowing new cultures, listening to new languages and their nuances, and of course trying new and exotic cuisines. Eating while travelling is a high for most foodies but the chance to travel to eat is as irresistible as it can get.

Food Festival is one such alluring event where we travel to an entirely new place, sometimes a new country to taste the authentic bites as well as some of the best international foods which are showcased by the best in the business. Food Festivals happen round the year in all parts of the world but there are certain food festivals in the world which are known for their uniqueness as well as for their wide range of mouth-watering cuisines showcasing some of the best foods in the world specially prepared by the best chefs.

There are several food festivals across the globe, and some of the most unique and popular one’s are listed here :


1.Mendzona Wine Harvest Festival, Argentina, South America


               Food is such an important part of South America’s culture such that most festivals in South America would include lots of food, fun and party. There is a saying that in the Latin America “You will never go home hungry”. South America boasts of some of the world’s most colorful carnivals and food festivals, especially in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and Bolivia. Among these festivals, The Mendzona Wine Harvest Festival is one of the most popular food festivals in all of South America. This annual harvest festival in Argentina’s wine province is an opportunity for its eighty communities to come together and celebrate the food and harvest season which makes this event very special. It is a festival that is celebrated over all the 18 departments which make up the Mendoza Province. The event begins in December and goes on until the first weeks of March.

Here, you can spend the day wandering the grounds trying some of the most fabulous wine you will ever get to taste and the wine chocolates are a specialty of this festival. The food festival has a carnival atmosphere and there is a lot more to look out for during this festival

2.Taste of Melbourne, Australia


Australia has one of the world’s most cosmopolitan societies and the “Taste of Melbourne” highlights this fact even more. Every year thousands of food lovers visit Melbourne to take part in the annual food festival “Taste of Melbourne”. The people come here to enjoy the brilliant sunshine, have a drink or two and walk around the thousands of stalls which are lined up serving food from some of the city’s best restaurants and also some of the world’s favorite dishes prepared by the best chefs themselves.

This is a three day event which takes place during the month of November during which the city develops a special craving for food and many people can be seen visiting these food festivals with family and friends. The taste of Melbourne’s success has resulted in springing up of many new food festivals in other major cities like “The Taste of Sydney”, “The Taste of Perth” and so on. The food and wine varieties in these festivals are abundant and are a must for any foodie who visits Australia during the months of November.

3.The New Orleans Food and Wine Experience, USA


The New Orleans often called the most “unique” city in USA is located in the state of Louisiana. The New Orleans Wine and Food Experience is called a feaster’s fantasy by many people because of the out of the box eatery options provided to the people during these festivals. They include eating in food trucks and sipping glasses of grape in a typical street party atmosphere.


The Mardi Gras of food fest, this May marks New Orleans’ 22nd annual foray into food and wine with “The New Orleans Food and Wine Experience”. This event unlike other food festivals which offer just different types of food adds a whole new perspective by organizing seminars about food and also organizes events like “The Big Gateaux Show” display which shows the areas affinity for desserts.

4.Versoix Chocolate Festival, Switzerland


The Versoix Chocolate Festival, Switzerland is definitely one of its kind. The entire festival is dedicated to chocolates and it is a dream for any chocolate lover. There are two different areas to the festival. As you walk out of the Versoix train station you head into a tunnel and at the end of this tunnel you can either take a left or a right. The left turn heads downhill to the Favarger chocolate factory while the right turn heads to a White tent of chocolaty goodness. There are other vendors outside the tent for those who seek substantial food in addition to the sugar overload.  I think the vendors end up selling more water and items to drink than food, as it is a necessity to have something after a few minutes of consistent chocolate tasting.  The festival provides an excellent opportunity to sample the different varieties of chocolate available from the many chocolate makers in the Geneva area. You also enjoy seeing the many different Easter bunny creations made by these shops.

The fact that Switzerland is known for its chocolates is known, but the Versoix Chocolate festival is a rich experience and one which should not be missed by anyone who has a “sweet-tooth” for chocolates.

Festival of Happiness


Festivals generally bring a lot of joy and happiness to people, and it reminds us of the special festival sweets and savories our mom’s make. But if the festival itself is dedicated to FOOD, then there can’t be a greater happiness. Enjoy the food, Enjoy the festival and when they come together never miss them.