Yoga, a thought itself creates a grotesque, twisted pose in our mind, but do you people know what actually yoga is apart from these senseless thoughts. Yoga is much more than these weird poses. Yoga has derived its name from the word yoking together, which means yoking of body and mind. It is a physical and mental exercise which aims to present our body and mind to the new world. It has originated since from the time of pre-Vedic traditions and now it has become a part of this Western world in the form of spiritual practices. This is often referred to as Hatha Yoga. Yoga described human as a combination of three bodies along with the five sheets which controls the energy flowing through the channels.


People usually considered yoga as the regimented method for accomplishing a goal. It is one of the well-organized techniques to control the mental and physical status of our body. It helps in the expansion of awareness and consciousness in our mind.  It is controlled course to omniscience. It is a practice which helps us to enter into other bodies and simultaneously generate numerous souls along with the attainment of supernatural powers.

A yoga practice varies their meaning with the different types of religions. Every religion has its own beliefs like in Jainism it is known as the most spiritual practice which helps in self-realisation, attainment of salvation and provides complete freedom to our soul. It is a practice which keeps us apart from attachments and provides purity to our soul. It is broadly classified into Shukla Dhyana, Dharmya Dhyana and Raudra Dhyana. When we move on to Buddhism it is considered as the form of meditation which increases our concentrating powers and provide supernatural spirits in us. They regarded Yoga as a path leading to Nirvana and enlightenment.


Yoga carries a various different meaning like combination, connection, contact, application, method etc. For example chakra-yoga means locating the position of the thigh, guna-yoga has a sense of contacting with the cord, pum-yoga is for showing relations with a person, Bhakti-yoga is a path of devotion, Raja-yoga is a sense of controlling our minds etc. It is a complete way of living life which balances our body and rejuvenates each and every nerve of our mind.

Yoga is like a package which offers stress relief, weight loss, all-round fitness of our body, glowing skin like benefits to us. We misunderstood yoga and keep it limited to its poses, but in reality it is immensely involved in bringing our mind, body and breath together. Here are some benefits that yoga involves:

Fitness: As it is a known fact that health is wealth. You are truly fit and healthy when you are emotionally and mentally balanced. Health is a combination of expressing how enthusiastic and loving you are and here comes the major role of yoga in providing all-round fitness to our body with the help of meditation, several different postures and pranayama. It provides a hidden healing power to our mind and soul. It keeps our body away from any heart diseases.

 Boost Immunity: Certain researchers found that there are various yoga practices that helps in boosting our immunity towards any disease. Yoga practices tend to change some gene expression when you are on the mat itself. When you breathe well, move well then the entire organ functions well. A small irregularity in our mind affects the overall functioning of our body and makes our body restless, so in such cases, yoga poses helps in strengthening our muscles and releasing stress from the mind. It provides immunity to asthma and relieve all mental stress.


Provide flexibility:  Include yoga in your daily routine and make your body more flexible and strong. It stretches each and every part of your muscles and tone them. It helps in improving our postures while we stand, sleep, walk or sit. In turn, it helps in removing our body pain due to incorrect postures.  It helps in twisting our body into various shapes and find inner peace.

Some of the best yoga poses are

Malasana: It is also known as Yoga Squat which helps in relieving backache and stretches our thigh and calves. This is just a squatting position with heels in, toes out and hands are in a prayer position in front of our chest.


Camel Pose: this pose helps in improving our lungs capacity and stimulates thyroid and pineal glands. In this you have to stand up on your knees, keeping your hips apart. Your hands must rest on the lower back or on heels.


Nostril Breathing:  this pose helps in maintaining the proper functioning of our respiratory system. In this you must be seated in a comfortable position to provide balance in both the branches of the nervous system. It helps in relieving stress and worries and refreshes our lymphatic system.

So Yoga is a way of life and it aims to support you on that journey in an open environment…!!