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Vegetarian Menu Planning

So how do vegetarians put a meal together? It’s really not difficult at all. You may have to play around a little, until you find combinations of tastes and textures that appeal to you, or until you feel confident that you know how much food or how many dishes to prepare to feed your family or guests. But don’t overextend yourself: most vegetarian food is remarkably satisfying. If you fix

Meals with Meat – The Protein Issue

People eat meat from habit, custom, tradition, and as a way of proving to themselves and to others that they can afford it. And they also eat meat for the way it tastes, and for protein. Habits can always be changed, new traditions forged. While nothing exactly replaces the taste of meat, there are plenty of delicious, and habit-forming, alternatives. Many long-time vegetarians, in fact, find that the flavour of