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Eating: All under Control

Do you feel Eating is out of control and you don’t have sovereignty over your appetite? You aren’t alone. There are many out there feeling the same and struggling everyday to overcome over-eating and stick to their diet plans. Over-eating isn’t the reason alone for obesity and other health and body shape related problems, but appetizing over junk food is the culprit of obesity and increasing weight. They seem so

Food Cravings: Reclaim your control

These cravings… oh! They really ruin the diet schedule. Sometimes, we are bored or other times we are emotional, and these food cravings manifest into consciousness. Seriously, we cant ignoreit , so hard to resist and if that yum, delicious food is readily available, it just goes out of control. Unfair, no? But, if controlled , its better for health in some way. If we understand why these occur and