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Monsoon Treats

The Monsoon brings with it the chilly winds and pleating rain. The beautiful weather, accompanied with just the right food, can make your day perfect. Here’s a list of the stuff you can hog, without having to worry about your health, and how it can be made! Hot Soups: Vegetable soups are a great option to indulge in the rainy season. Warm nutrition-packed veggie soups will not just help you

Lavish and Luxurious Hotels – Must visit!

  Hotels are for foodies. Really? No! Luxury is also expected from Hotels now and there is no paucity in the lavishness of the grand hotels. Though, they are not afforded by common people, yes, but they do attract everyone and requires a must visit. Hotels are for travelers and tourists. But some people visit places just to experience the hospitality of these hotels. Luxury today has less to do