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Why Biscuits are not Healthy Choice

I, myself is a big biscuit fan and all cookies seems irresistible to me. I fancy them, I eat them and crave them! But yes, this fact is also true that biscuits aren’t too healthy as they are made of flour (Maida), sugar, and edible oil being the main ingredients. A pack of biscuits with a cup of coffee is a good combination for my perfect evening. These biscuits, be

For the love of Chocolate!

That silky, smooth, velvety, so yum, exotic thing, we can’t resist is CHOCOLATE. Just the addition of Chocolate can make anything to everything delicious. It is such a thing that everyone craves and loves. It can lift up your mood and has the goodness of antioxidants. Chocolates are lovable and are a sheer bliss to humanity. For the love of chocolate, here are some too popular chocolate delights, easy to make

Cooking And Kids

  “When I cook with my son, I might chop vegetables and have fun with different shapes. Cooking is a way to teach kids about other things, like reading or math with all of the weights and measures. There are so many things that are part of cooking that are also very educational.” – Emeril Lagasse     Cooking with kids is super easy and fun. These days, recipes for