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The So Called Heart Healthy Food Which Can Actually Clog Your Arteries!

You must have been often recommended by your doctors or elder to eat those food items which offer essential nutrients and minerals required by the human body as it helps in proper growth and development. And in order to follow those advices you often go for those food items which have healthy tag on them. You choose food items which are processed or chose oils which have the healthy tag


As the FIFA fever is gripping the world with its flair and fast paced games, it makes us wonder where these players get their stamina from! Most of these players are from European and North American countries where the climate is entirely different from those witnessed in the Samba land. The temperature in Paris at this time of the year would be between 10-15°c which is much lower than the

Weight loss 101

With the comforts offered by the modern technological innovations and the decline of labor-intensive jobs, staying fit and active has become a major challenge.  Rise in cases of obesity and diabetes has created immense pressure on us to constantly adopt life-style changes to stay lean. The flood of slender models and bulked-up dudes on electronic and print media doesn’t help either. In wake of this, the health conscious and even