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Mix and match these low-cal, energising options to create your own perfect meal plan that’ll slim you down. By letting you choose from a spread of meals that deliver health per day, drop kilos, makes you feel satisfied and get to enjoy your favourite foods. Every meal contain a fat fighting dose of fibre (an average of 25 grams a day), the nutrient that slims you down by filling you

Love For Salads

For the ultimate in healthy and satisfying fare, there’s nothing better than a refreshing salad. Whether you yearn for a cool, crisp lettuce, sweet fruit salad or a savory potato salad, there is something for everyone on the list of salad recipes.                                                 Salad, a popular ready- to eat dish often contains leafy vegetables or fruits, often served with dressings usually served at a chilled or at a moderate temperature. Salads may sometimes additionally contain grain, meat, tuna or other seafood. Leafy vegetables are generally served with dressings, as well as with garnishes, and sometimes with meat, pasta, cheese, eggs, fish or whole grains.