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Donuts: Not a healthy Choice…

In any shape or size, whether they are round, square or twisted, these deep fried snack is always appealing and keep us reaching for more. The beauty of donut make us fall prey for them and we just can’t resist it. So, you love Dunkin’ Donuts? Is it your favorite place to hang out? Well, think again, because Donuts aren’t considered as very healthy choice. For a breakfast, it’s a

Why are juices turning out to be unhealthy?

We all know that fresh fruits are very useful for our body and they provide us with various health benefits. We can ingest more fruits at a time by drinking fruit juice. Consumption of juices of various fruits as well as vegetables is very prevalent now days.  We normally think that drinking juice is quite advantageous. But there are certain demerits associated with the juicing as well. Lack of fiber:

Food Addiction: Sign, Symptoms and Treatment

Food Addiction is one of the major problems with many people and no matter how hard they try, they simply cannot overcome it. With the help of the various research conducted in different parts of the world it has now been proved that people get addicted to one or the other food items and they love to eat it frequently. Although they are most likely aware that that eating these

Why Biscuits are not Healthy Choice

I, myself is a big biscuit fan and all cookies seems irresistible to me. I fancy them, I eat them and crave them! But yes, this fact is also true that biscuits aren’t too healthy as they are made of flour (Maida), sugar, and edible oil being the main ingredients. A pack of biscuits with a cup of coffee is a good combination for my perfect evening. These biscuits, be