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Four Appetizers from Bangladesh that Will Blow Your Mind!

Not a very long time ago when both the Bengali sisters were conjoined, India witnessed a phenomenon in cuisine from this part of the country. Although Bangladesh today is not physically part of the nation we call our Home, fond memories of togetherness live on in the food enjoyed by West Bengalis. A large part of Bengal houses those Bengalis who had had their roots in East Bengal but have

Secrets of the Bengali Kitchen

The best part about cooking, as every enthusiast would agree, are the little additions and subtractions here and there that can make-or-break your dish. All those who have tried their hand at cooking Bengali cuisine know how particularly tiring it can be to get the dish “just right”. Bengali cuisine, like every other cuisine, has a feel unique to it. For a true Bong foodie, distinguishing between authentic and ‘almost-authentic’

The End of Good Folk: “Bihu Somrat” passes away to cheers of joy

  When I heard the news the first time, I was moved to tears. To everyone around me, it meant nothing. On June 13th, a person by the name of Mr. Khagen Mahanta passed away after months of battling an illness. To those unfamiliar with his life and field of work, he may be better known as Bollywood singer Papon’s father. Nothing can make a man prouder than the moment