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Chokhi Dhaani: A Treat for all your Senses!

Rajasthan, India’s biggest state in terms of land area that is spread over 132,139 square miles is a hub for ancient cultures and beautiful civilizations. The ‘land of Kings’ as the name suggests, was once home to the worlds’ first and most ancient human civilization, Indus Valley Civilization. Owing to its rich culture and extravagant history, Rajasthan is one of the finest seats of  both ancient and emerging cultures. The

The Fedora Hat

So, you have  an English-themed party  in two days and you go buy one of the best outfits from a designer-clothes brand outlet. And with that you now have to plan and match your accessories. With jewelry, shoes and a bag in place, you feel good enough to go. We all know how important accessories are to accentuate or complete a look. They not only enhance physical appearance, they are

Snack-Time : Part 2

As the largest continent, Asia is home to a variety of cultures, religions, castes and races. Asian cuisine is one of the most diverse amalgamation of spices, flavours and a variety of ingredients owing to the large number of countries the continent is home to. Besides the huge number of ingredients being used in the Asian style of cooking, the multitude of techniques used add to quality, thus making it

Snack-Time: Part 3

The third and the final article in the series ‘Snack-Time’, primarily focuses of two popular snacks from Europe. We all have an idea how passionate the Europeans are about their cuisine. Be it the most extravagant dinner party or the simplest dish prepared at home, they relish every grain of food. The Europeans are not just very particular about what is on their plate, they also make sure they have

Snack-Time: Part 1

By definition, a snack is a term coined for the portion of food that is generally smaller than a proper meal and is eaten between the meals. Originally, snacks were prepared from simple ingredients that would easily be available at any house-hold. Traditionally, leftovers, fruits, salads, cold-cut sandwiches, nuts and similar simple-to-make food items were consumed as snacks.  With the globalization of cultures and industrialization taking over, packaged food and

The Tantalizing Tiramisu

Talk Europe and you talk culture; a culture so rich and diverse that you cannot possibly learn all about it from a book. Out of the many beautiful countries of Europe is Italy. The shoe shaped country on the political map of Europe is how I used to identify the country as a kid, but as you start learning about this country, you know it has a notable position in

Old is Gold!

Antiquities or antiques are ancient collectable items that are valued for their historical importance. The age, beauty, utility, cultural importance, sentimental connection or any other unique feature attached to an item makes it desirable. Any antique is a reflection of the socio-cultural standing of a previous era or a time period in the human civilization. Most collectables of this class possess a certain degree of design or craftsmanship. Some of

Going around Magnificent Libraries

High ceilings, minimalist yet statement furniture and rows of bounded paper from various eras screaming wisdom! Doesn’t a library stimulate your mind so much that you could stay there for days altogether reading as many books as you might? What Wikipedia defines as ‘an organized collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing’ is actually a gateway to knowledge and

Sketch it up with Charcoal!

Most of you must have heard of charcoal being used in the mud-stoves in villages for cooking and heating purposes. Many of us relish the grand barbeques that employ chunks of burning charcoal for that distinct flavor. Charcoal obtained from various timbers are used as industrial, domestic and metallurgical fuels of various grades all across the world. Activated charcoal is also used as a purifier or filter as it has

Candy bars: Part 1

“There’s nothing as cozy as a piece of candy and a book.” ― Betty MacDonald. So they say that! I believe candy bars are not just a treat for the kids. I, at twenty-two can jump with glittering eyes and a wide smile if you offer me a bar of Bounty! Chocolates are not just a delicious snack but also a great source of instant energy. While travelling, just before